Cloverfield 3 Viral Marketing Reveals 10 Cloverfield Lane Connection

The Cloverfield 3 viral marketing has revealed a connection to 10 Cloverfield Lane, further hinting at the film's place in the larger Cloverfield cinematic universe. This Easter egg appears to be a message sent straight from an important character from the second Cloverfield movie.

The first taste of Cloverfield 3's viral marketing came in the form of a mock website for the in-universe company Tagruoto. Reddit users unscrambled the message revealed by the website,, to discover the company's plans to revolutionize the world by way of renewable energy technology. Renewable energy should be a positive thing, but this is Cloverfield, so we all know that won't be the case. The latest discovery hints at darker motives behind Tagruato's new project as well as an appearance from a mysterious man seemingly related to 10 Cloverfield Lane's Howard Stambler.

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Reddit has discovered a second website,, the date referenced in Tagruato's secret message. It contains an audio file that appears to be a broadcast, much like the one heard by Michelle at the end of 10 Cloverfield Lane. Despite the messy audio and fuzzy nature of the clip, a reference to Cloverfield Station can be clearly heard. The message seems to announce the presence of a special guest, an author named Mark Stambler. John Goodman played Howard Stambler, the abusive sociopath who held Michelle captive in his bunker, in 10 Cloverfield Lane. Could this be a pen name? A brother? Or is there some other connections between this mysterious writer and Goodman's torturous shut-in? You can listen to the normal audio here, and the cleaned up audio here.

An earlier message seems to directly reference Tagruato's energy initiative. The cleaned up audio sounds like a man warning listeners about Tagruato and what they are "trying to" before the warning cuts out. Could this company be behind the monsters plaguing the Cloververse? Could they be attempting to harvest the invading species as resources? Whatever it is, it can't be good. You can listen to the earlier clip's normal audio here, and the cleaned up audio here.

The Cloverfield films have been famously secretive in the past, but we have a decent understanding of what Cloverfield 3 will be about. The film, possibly titled Cloverfield Station, will follow astronauts stranded on a space station after an experiment with a new energy source causes the Earth to disappear. A puzzle already seems to be forming; the energy experiment and outer space setting seem to tie Tagruato's project and 10 Cloverfield Lane's alien invasion together quite nicely, and it seems obvious the message is being broadcast from the space station itself.

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Are the Cloverfield 3 astronauts responsible for the monsters invading the Earth? Did they beam our planet into an alternate dimension? Sound off with your fan theories in the comments!

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