'Cloverfield 2' Still Likely To Happen

Cloverfield 2 monster movie sequel director Matt Reeves J.J. Abrams

Both director Matt Reeves and production powerhouse J.J. Abrams are reportedly still committed to creating a followup to Cloverfield, their unusual 2008 hit monster movie.

Cloverfield 2 will likely involve the same monster as the first film - though I'm still personally kind of disappointed it did not turn out to be Bowser.  ;-) Can Reeves and Abrams get moviegoers stirred up for a sequel, now that the mystery has been revealed?

That is one question that will not be resolved for awhile, according to Reeves.  The filmmaker spoke recently to MTV and revealed that both he and Abrams are very much interested in creating another installment in the Cloverfield saga.  But will that happen sooner than later?

"It really isn't the moment for [the sequel[ to go any further than it has, but it continues to be a priority for both of us," Reeves admitted in the interview.  The second-time director went on to mention that Abrams is currently deep into pre-production on Super 8, while he himself is putting the finishing touches on his vampire horror remake, Let Me In.

Reeves offered nothing in the way of information about what the plot of Cloverfield 2 might entail, though he reiterated Abram's previous claim that Super 8 is a completely unrelated project.  So don't expect this cute lil' guy (see below) to come bouncing out of the train car seen in the teaser trailer for that upcoming flick.

Cloverfield monster movie

Cloverfield was a profitable undertaking and took in $170 million worldwide on a $25 million budget.  Abrams was very much involved in an elaborate marketing campaign that left a lot of moviegoers intrigued as to what the movie would actually be about.

The pic ultimately turned out to be a pretty standard monster flick about a Godzilla-like creature that wrecks havoc on a major city.  It was the pseudo-documentary structure and intentionally amateurish, "realistic" camerawork of the film that made it a truly memorable experience for those who saw it in theaters.

Will moviegoers flock to see a Cloverfield sequel as well?  The original movie is generally well-liked and Abrams seems to still have a knack for generating buzz around any project he is involved with. We will just have to wait and see if lightning can strike twice.

We'll keep you posted on the development of Cloverfield 2 as more news comes our way.

Source: MTV (via Coming Soon)

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