Hanks, Portman, Berry and McAvoy Join 'Cloud Atlas'

Tom Tykwer finally has a cast for his epic of all epic films, Cloud Atlas. Based on David Mitchell's book of the same title, the movie will star Tom Hanks, Natalie Portman, Halle Berry and James McAvoy in a story that should make The Fountain look like a kid's movie. In addition to Tykwer's direction, Cloud Atlas will be produced by the Wachowskis.

The book consists of six stories that span several thousand years and flips through genres like a Quentin Tarantino dream. While the expansive plot suggests an impossible feat of filmmaking, Tykwer's unique style should instill promise upon the project. Run, Lola, Run is Tykwer's most well-known film, blending intense action and exciting suspense in a mind-bending film.

The all-star cast is an important first step for a film that needs every ounce of confidence it can get as it nears production. But don't expect Cloud Atlas to jump into filming anytime soon. McAvoy is about to begin filming X-Men: First Class, Hanks is directing Larry Crowne and Portman is in the early stages of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Ian McKellen is the only one left from casting murmurs a few months ago that has not signed on.

More and more ensemble films are in production these days, which is great for movie fans. When a film can get a handful of big names in one project together, sparks fly and money tends to flow. There's no question this film will be made, but Tykwer has his work cut out.

The only cast member so far Tykwer has worked with is Natalie Portman. Their collaboration on one of the shorts in Paris J'Taime was especially impressive. Portman's budding career as a producer and Tom Hanks' experience in filmmaking should give this a well-rounded cast and crew to make for the best film possible.

I haven't read the book, but upon looking through the synopsis it feels like a blend of The Fountain, Children of Men and Blade Runner. Color me tickled to learn more about the project, but this far from production it is already moving in the right direction.

Source: The Playlist

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