First Look At Regular Show Creator's Close Enough

Close Enough Animated Series

The first look at Close Enough teases the upcoming animated series from the critically acclaimed creator of Regular Show. Centering around a married couple adapting to all of the changes that occur when you make the leap from being a twenty something to a thirty something, the new show will be geared towards adults.

Co-produced by Cartoon Network Studios and Studio T, the 13-episode first season of Close Enough will debut in either late 2017 or early 2018 on TBS. And following the season 8 series finale of Regular Show this past January, fans of series creator J. G. Quintel are likely looking forward with bated breath for the release of his latest animated production - which superfans can catch a sneak peek at for the first time by way of the first batch of official footage.

In the video featured above, potential viewers of Close Enough can catch their first look at all of the ill-advised and age inappropriate shenanigans soon to unfold in the series proper. Featuring plenty of surreal flights of fantasy - including stripper clowns, intimated drug use, and poor parenting - Quintel's followup to Regular Show should serve to please fans of his characteristic slacker aesthetic.

Close Enough Animated Series

Considering the fact that Regular Show consistently managed to attract roughly 2.5 million viewers over the course of any given week on Cartoon Network, Close Enough should perform just as well on TBS. Dating back to his early student films developed when he was studying at the California Institute of the Arts, Quintel is on track to deliver another unconventional animated series for mature audiences. And since Regular Show received one Primetime Emmy and earned several more accolades throughout its run, chances are Close Enough will be of high quality and boast a similar reception when it finally airs.

During its respective eight season run on Cartoon Network, Regular Show drew the attention and love of viewers of all ages, thus paving the way for Close Enough to capitalize on Quintel's expansive imagination. TBS is taking a gamble in producing the latter series, but with any luck it will be a bet that will pay out in the end in spades. On that note, here's to hoping for the very best from the brand new animated series created by Quintel.

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Close Enough season 1 will debut on TBS in either late 2017 or early 2018.

Source: TBS

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