The Clones Of Orphan Black Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

In the revolutionary series Orphan Black, Project Leda was a science experiment that cloned hundreds of females. Though the experiment was not without its complications - many of the clones grew very sick, some to the point of death - on a purely aesthetic level, the project was a resounding success. Each clone is absolutely identical. All are played by Tatiana Maslany in one of the most versatile performances television has ever seen.

Throughout the course of the series, many of the clones band together to stop an endless supply of corrupt scientists and religious extremists from trying to institutionalize, imprison, or kill them. They're often able to use their carbon-copy appearances to their advantage. But even though they're the same on the outside, they're wildly different on the inside. Each clone has her own distinctive personality, unique skill-set, and tragic flaw.

How fun would it be for Project Leda to enter the Harry Potter-verse? Imagine them all showing up at Hogwarts. At first glance, it would appear that they'd all be sent to the same house a la Weasley. In actuality, Leda clones would inhabit all four houses, and for good reason—their vastly differing characteristics. Here are The Clones Of Orphan Black Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses.

(Note: There are 274 confirmed clones. This article covers the main 8 featured on the show.)

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8 Sarah Manning - Gryffindor

At the beginning of the show, Sarah is a grifter with plenty of emotional baggage and precious few plans. She makes reckless decisions that serve her in the short-term - stealing drugs from her abusive boyfriend, stealing Beth's identity - that come back to bite her in the long term. This is a classic negative Gryffindor trait. The house's motto could be "act now, think later."

However, it doesn't take long for Sarah to become the unlikely leader of the Clone Club. Why would a bunch of sane young women put their lives in the hands of a petty thief? Because Sarah embodies bravery. She may not have her life figured out, but when her mama-bear instincts kick in, there's nothing Sarah won't do for her daughter Kira or her "sisters". Nobody has risked their life more than her. If in the midst of battle, Godric Gryffindor's sword was to appear in Sarah's hand, we wouldn't be surprised.

7 Cosima Niehaus - Ravenclaw

If Cosima could spend every day in a lab, she'd be happier than a slide full of positive ions. Anyone whose vice is scientific knowledge definitely belongs in Ravenclaw. Cosima is one of the clones who suffers from debilitating illness and even though she fears for her life, she views finding a cure as the ultimate science experiment.

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Without a doubt, Cosima possesses way better people skills than the average Ravenclaw - her relationship with Delphine is a fan favorite - but when she describes an intimate fantasy involving glasses, a lab coat, and scientific discussion, we know she's in the right house.

6 Alison Hendrix - Slytherin

Many dismiss Alison as just a soccer mom, even Alison herself. But when the Clone Club life was thrust upon her, Alison proved to be one of the savvier members. With a lifetime of organizing halftime snack schedules under her belt, Alison is a tornado of efficiency. It was her idea to get clone-only cell phones. What she lacks in scientific knowledge or barroom brawl skills, she makes up for in cunning. Her husband accidentally kills Dr. Leekie? No problem. She'll just bury him under concrete in the garage. Alison taking charge like a boss - and not stopping to feel guilty - is what makes her a Slytherin.

Like other members of this house, Alison is obsessed with public image. When her life appears less than perfect or things don't go her way, she has a tendency to let her claws spring out. Generally, one does not want to upset a Slytherin. Heaven help the person who drops a ribbon in Alison's craft room.

5 Helena - Gryffindor

Growing up, Helena had nothing but her instinct to survive on. Though smarter than she lets on, Helena appears to think and behave like a child. She has a very simplistic take on those she encounters - there are good guys and there are bad guys. The latter are to be eliminated. Such a bloodthirsty outlook may point to a Slytherin, but there is nothing calculating or strategic about Helena. She acts entirely out of what she thinks is right in the moment.

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This rashness points to a true Gryffindor, as does Helena's deep capacity to love. After realizing that her fellow clones aren't evil, Helena develops a close bond with them. Her "sestras" provide her with familial bonds she never had as a child and Helena becomes a valiant soldier in the fight for their safety. Even if she tends to go a bit rogue.

4 Rachel Duncan - Slytherin

Rachel is so frosty that one gets a chill every time she opens her mouth. Her deep, commanding voice is a disquieting blend of British aristocracy mixed with Parseltongue. Firmly on Team DYAD, Rachel opposes the Clone Club's desire to be left alone and employs ruthless tactics to get her way.

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For example, convincing Sarah to let Kira donate bone marrow to DYAD in the hopes it may lead to a cure for Cosima. To most Slytherins, other people's lives are nothing but a chess game and Rachel is a champion. Even when she's knocked down a peg or two, Rachel is still the most intimidating person in the room. She is resounding proof that the best villains only have one eye.

3 Beth Childs - Ravenclaw

When she was alive, Beth applied a razor-sharp focus to all aspects of her life, the way only a real Ravenclaw can. She was all business, taking the time to teach Alison how to shoot a gun in case of emergency but never forming a close bond with any members of the Clone Club. She kept almost everyone at arm's length, even her live-in boyfriend Paul. Ravenclaws don't tend to be outwardly emotional, demonstrative people and when Beth got deeper into Clone Club survival mode, she kept things bottled up inside, not letting anybody in. This led to a series of harrowing events, culminating in Beth taking her own life. She is a prime example of a tragic Ravenclaw figure.

2 Veera "M.K." Suominen - Ravenclaw

An expert computer hacker who lives behind her monitor and fears human interaction? Sounds like a Ravenclaw if ever there was one. M.K. has good reason to be scared as she's the only clone to survive the Helsinki purge. Even though she prefers a behind-the-scenes role, M.K. is a valuable asset to the cause. Through her Ravenclaw-smart computer skills, M.K. is able to discover when the Neolutionists are after Sarah. Of all the clones, M.K. had the closest relationship with Beth. They bonded over their devotion to the cause. It's what makes them Ravenclaws and sadly is what got them both killed.

1 Krystal Goderitch - Hufflepuff

Hufflepuff girls just want to have fun. In this respect, Krystal is the polar opposite of Beth. Whereas Beth buried herself in all things Clone Club, Krystal wants nothing to do with it. In fact, Krystal refuses to believe that she is a clone, based on how unkempt Sarah's hair is. Hufflepuffs crave a simple life and all Krystal wants is to flourish in her job as a beautician and to look pretty. Hufflepuffs are often underestimated and indeed, Krystal comes across as vapid but she is shockingly shrewd. She accidentally discovers DYAD's dastardly plans on more than one occasion, making her a sassy disruptor audiences can't help but root for.

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