Cloak & Dagger Producer Teases Major Comic Villains In Season 2

The first season of Marvel's Cloak & Dagger is still airing on Freeform, but showrunner Joe Pokaski has teased exciting plans for season 2, including the introduction of classic comic book villain Mr. Jip.

The first season of Cloak & Dagger is essentially the heroes' origin story, a tale in which Tandy and Tyrone explore the secrets and limitations of their mysterious abilities. Marvel's set that against the backdrop of a dangerous criminal conspiracy involving Roxxon, who appear to be attempting to harness the power of the Darkforce.

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According to showrunner Joe Pokaski, the stakes will be even higher in season 2, if the show is renewed. In a recent interview with Syfy Wire, he was asked about the possibility of introducing Mr. Jip, a classic villain from the comics. His response will leave comic book readers delighted:

"You didn't see him in episode six? It's possible you did. I'm not spoiling anything, I'm not committing to anything. But you should go back and look carefully at the scene where Tyrone goes into Kev's dream and [sees] that kid with the backpack's fears. I have a feeling if we're lucky enough to have a season two, a lot your favorites will be making appearances."

Pokaski is referring to a disturbing scene in which Cloak tapped into another man's greatest fears, and received a glimpse of a dark, almost demonic being. It was one of the most sinister and atmospheric scenes in the entire show so far, and left Tyrone visibly shaken. According to Pokaski, that scene could actually have been a glimpse of an ancient being who calls himself Mr. Jip.

In the comics, Mr. Jip was born centuries ago, a man who coveted power and forbidden knowledge. He heard rumors of Kamar Taj, and traveled there only to discover that the city of hidden knowledge had been destroyed. Only one man survived, the Ancient One, and Mr. Jip manipulated the Ancient One into taking him on as his very first student. By the time the Ancient One realized how evil Mr. Jip truly was, it was too late. The Ancient One cast Mr. Jip out of Kamar Taj, but was unaware that he had learned all he needed to know.

Mr. Jip sought eternal life in which to pursue his quest for knowledge and power, and he achieved this by becoming little more than a demon, possessing one host after another. He was drawn to the darkest and most evil of men, finding sustenance in the corrupted nature of their souls, and as a result lived on to the present day. It was only when he learned of Cloak that Mr. Jip stepped out of the shadows, believing Cloak to be the ultimate vessel, a being of living darkness who Mr. Jip believed to be immortal.

If the scene in episode 6 really did refer to Mr. Jip, it's possible this was the moment he learned of Tyrone. The villain is one of the most notable enemies of Cloak & Dagger in the comics, known for his manipulative nature; he even possessed Father Delgado for a time. Meanwhile, Mr. Jip created two other villains, Night and Day, designed as twisted mirror-image foes for Cloak and Dagger. It would certainly be exciting to see Mr. Jip introduced into the MCU. For one thing, this monstrous being's origin story is tied to the Ancient One, who played a major role in Doctor Strange. As such, should the MCU origin be similar to the one from the comics, it's safe to say Mr. Jip will become one of the more intriguing connections between the movies and the TV shows.

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Source: Syfy Wire

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