Cloak & Dagger Season 2 Interview: Producer Jeph Loeb

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Marvel Television head Jeph Loeb brought Cloak and Dagger season 2 to WonderCon 2019, just a few days ahead of the new season's premiere on Freeform. Kicking things off with a two-hour season premiere, Cloak and Dagger season 2 starts out eight months after the season 1 finale and sees Tandy and Tyrone take on a set of entirely new challenges. Loeb teased some of those challenges as well as what else fans should expect in season 2.

What can you tell us about season 2, because some people are still cagey about it?

The way I look at it is that... First of all, we're on April 4th on Freeform. That's a special 2-hour premiere. And just so everyone's clear, that's two episodes that are back-to-back as opposed to the show didn't suddenly become two hours, as much as I would love that. But it really is... if the first season was about these two people meeting learning about who they are with each other and discovering their abilities, and then ending on that question, which is, okay... Now we are who we are, can we do the job? Can we be heroes in the Marvel Universe? And when you start season 2 the answer is, unequivocally, yes. We're going to do this. We're going to take this on. We recognize that that may wreak havoc on our personal lives, but Cloak and Dagger have always been, when you go back to even the earliest of comics... they're not really characters that were created to stop bank robbers or 50 ft monsters that are going to cross the city or aliens that are coming through a hole in outer space. They really were there to help people who couldn't help themselves.

And, in many ways, they were there to help each other, and that's what makes the show feel very true and feel authentic. And I think that's why our fan base is as passionate as it is because they legitimately care about Ty and Tandy and what they're going to do this season, and the excitement in the adventure and the danger that they're going to follow. You know, you would hope that they would have... I think maybe mentor's too strong a word, but at least an advisor, someone who understands how the system works. And, in many ways, that's what they had in Bridget O'Reilly, and then someone threw her in the swamp. So, this season their lives are going to be complicated by something that we might as well just start a referred to as Mayhemic. And so, they may be setting out to do something that is really good and really smart and solve a problem, and then get hit sideways by the most unexpected person in their lives. I think that's just a taste of what's to come. Also, if there were any outstanding questions from season 1 there'll be answered. I'm not saying that new questions aren't then going to that arise from it. That's what makes Marvel Marvel, you know. I don't believe in ending the story with the end. I believe in ending the story to be continued.

You're overseeing all the different shows. Like how often do you actually go on set?

As often as I can. This is what makes Marvel Television different from other television studios. Every show has more than an executive producer who is partnered with the showrunner. And so, we're in casting, we're in editing. We go in the writers room and hear the stories. We go to set, someone is always on set all the time. And that person's role is to make sure that the show stays the course, and that's always not easy. New Orleans is an amazing city. It also has some of the most unpredictable weather that you could possibly imagine, and if you've ever made any kind of television series and had planned on a beautiful, bright, sunny day, not a hurricane, it makes your life different. And that's just one of the many, many, many challenges that the show has conquered really well. You don't see it because the show just looks and feels as it is, but you know when you're behind the camera you go, "Oh that was that night. That's when that happened."

You have so many Marvel Television shows on different networks. Are there some challenges with keeping the continuity of the universe together while allowing each of those shows and tell their own story in their own way?

Continuity that's important to us is that the heroes always feel authentic, the world feels real, and that in some way they're inspirational. This is a hard time for a lot of people, and whether it's socially or economically or racially or any of those issues that are touching our lives and that we're being assaulted by, you know, a 24/7 news cycle all the time. And so, to be able to sit and watch something that gives you a sense of hope is really our end goal, and not hope in the sense that we hope that you know this outside person is going to come and save us, but much more so that teenagers who decided they're going to make the personal sacrifice of their own lives in order to make other people's lives better, so that the end result of which is in the message is we are not so suddenly giving you is that anyone can be a hero. And that they are around us all the time, whether it is just nurses or doctors or teachers or parents or yourself, it is as long as you stand up when everyone else is told to sit down, then you're the hero in the story. And if that's what watching a Marvel Television show brings to you, that's the feeling that you get out of all of it, then good on us. But, more importantly, good on you for watching us and watching us across those different platforms so that you get that same kind of Marvel feeling. It's not bad thing; it's why we're all kind of here.

So last season we got some mystical elements of possibly like destinies unfolding, was about to bring in more magical characters like Brother Voodoo...

I think they'll be some surprises. There won't be Brother Voodoo, let's just establish that, but there are certainly some as, Joe likes to say, there's some Easter eggs along the way that it even I don't know about. (He's wrong.) But it's okay, I like to let him say things like that. But, you know, look we've never been a place that's an Easter egg farm. We don't ever want to feel like when you're watching the show that you should have left something there. But, by the same token, we all come from the comics, we all come from the same source. So if there's a way that we can bring that in there, so that our geek fans can geek out, awesome. But we also never want the show to feel like I'm so inside I can't even feel like I can go outside. We want this to be a show where... just care about Ty and Tandy and their adventures. And the good news is that Olivia and Aubrey make that really inviting. And so, I don't know what else you're doing on April 4th other than watching Marvel's Cloak and Dagger. 2-hour Premiere. It's not actually 2 hours.

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