Marvel's Cloak & Dagger Star Reveals Behind the Scenes Photo

Cloak and Dagger star Aubrey James shares a new behind-the-scenes photo of a crucial moment in Marvel's upcoming streaming series.

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Cloak & Dagger star Aubrey James has shared a new behind-the-scenes photo of a pivotal moment in the upcoming Marvel show. Over the course of the next year, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be greatly expanding its TV presence. Along with the return of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and most of the existing Netflix shows, ABC will be getting Inhumans this fall while the streaming service will be launching The Defenders at the end of the summer and The Punisher before the year ends. Meanwhile, Marvel are spearheading a new teen-focused initiative on a couple of new networks, with Cloak & Dagger and New Warriors coming to Freeform and Runaways landing on Hulu.

While little is known about New Warriors so far and Runaways still has some filming to doCloak & Dagger is all set to premiere sometime this winter. Freeform have given the show a 10-episode order, and a recent report has indicated some additional filming has occurred—possibly teasing another season. Cloak & Dagger is also one of only two upcoming new series from Marvel that have provided us with a trailer. The moody teaser not only introduced us to Aubrey Joseph as Tyrone and Olivia Holt as Tandy, but it gave us our first look at the two teen's powers. The trailer's most eye-catching moment, however, was the aerial shot of Ty up on a roof, with his namesake cloak swirling in the wing.

Aubrey Joseph took to his Instagram to share a behind-the-scenes look at the show, and it's that very scene he chose to highlight. Check it out:

on set looking like I'm bout to drop the most emotional r&b album of all time

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Aside from ending the trailer with a bang and teasing the confusion that the two teens will face when their strange abilities begin to manifest, the scene also offers an MCU Easter egg. The building Ty is on features a giant Roxxon sign, a company with deep roots in Marvel Comics. Like on the page, the Roxxon of the MCU is a massive and evil conglomerate with their hand in everything. They first appeared in the Iron Man films before playing a key role in season 1 of Agent Carter. They've also long been used as an Easter egg across the MCU, similar to the Wayne or Kord names in various DC properties.

Whether Roxxon will have a greater significance in the story on Cloak & Dagger, we don't yet know. Like a number of characters in the MCU, the pair will gain their abilities from a mysterious group experimenting on them, meaning they could potentially be connected to any number of other heroes and villains. There's also no word if the new show will tie-in with New Warriors or Runaways. While the former seems likely given they shared a network, even the idea of SHIELD and Inhumans connecting is still only based in theory. With the show arriving in the near future, however, we should learn a lot more about Cloak & Dagger soon.

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Cloak & Dagger is expected to arrive in early 2018 on Freeform.

Source: Aubrey Joseph

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