Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger Recruits Once Upon A Time Composer

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Marvel's Cloak and Dagger TV show has officially found its composer in the form of Once Upon a Time's Mark Isham. After spending several years focusing only on expanding itself on the big screen as well, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been slowly growing on the television side of the industry quite substantially over the past few years. It all started with ABC's Agents of SHIELD, and has since then, continued on in the (mostly) critically-acclaimed Netflix Defenders series. Marvel isn't showing any signs of slowing down when it comes to its TV projects either, and Cloak and Dagger just marks one of the many upcoming additions to that lineup.

Set to premiere on Freeform sometime in 2018, Marvel went ahead and released the first trailer for Cloak and Dagger online a few weeks ago, teasing the show's tone, its lead actors, and the powers of its lead characters, Tandy Bowen/Dagger (Olivia Holt) and Ty Johnson/Cloak (Aubrey Joseph). The series' creative team continues to slowly come together also, with this latest piece of news.

Freeform has announced this week that Mark Isham will be composing the score for Cloak & Dagger. This news comes following Isham's long-running partnership/string of collaborations with ABC for series like Once Upon a Time and American Crime. On the film side, Isham was nominated for an Oscar in 1993 for his work on The River Runs Through It. His last film scores included last year's The Accountant and the upcoming Kate Mara-led war film, Megan Leavey. There's still no word on an official release date for the new Marvel series.

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Based on the comic book duo of the same name, Cloak and Dagger comes from creator Joe Pokaski and is just one of many new Marvel TV shows that fans can look forward to seeing over the next few years. Other notable titles include ABC's highly-anticipated The Inhumans, Hulu's Runaways adaptation, and outside of the MCU, Fox's The Gifted. Now, compared to all of those titles, Cloak and Dagger likely has the lowest budget out of them all, as a result of its place on the Freeform network. But despite initial concerns from fans for that very reason, it's entirely possible that the budgetary constraints may not wind up affecting Cloak and Dagger in any truly detrimental ways.

As the show's teaser trailer emphasized, and everyone involved in the series has been quick to point out also, Cloak and Dagger is the first real love story that Marvel is bringing the big screen, that's even going to be told through a YA lens. So because of that specific tonal balance, the lack of truly astonishing special effects or action sequences could turn out to be barely noticeable in the end. Depending on what Isham brings to the series with his score too, that may only become even truer as Marvel releases more from the series in the coming months.

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Cloak and Dagger is expected to arrive in 2018 on Freeform.

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