Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger Director Praises Cast & Show’s Diversity

Marvel's Cloak and Dagger comics

At this point in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there is seemingly a single hero or a franchise that everyone can relate to. However, they are still working to make the universe at large more diverse. Heroes Black Panther and Black Widow on the big screen help bring better representation to the world, while Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Quake, Yo-Yo, and more on television can do the same. Even with all of the properties Marvel currently is or has aired, the teen demographic has not been a focal point for the universe in terms of their heroes.

That appears to be changing rather quickly however with Runaways featuring he youngest and most diverse group possible, but Cloak & Dagger will also go a long way in helping diversify the MCU. Marvel has brought on Aubrey Joseph and Olivia Holt as Cloak and Dagger respectively, and with the pilot wrapped, their director has nothing but praise for their work and what they bring to the universe. spoke to pilot director Gina Prince-Bythewood about her involvement with the series. After confirming that the pilot has wrapped, she went on to praise the two young stars saying, "Incredible cast. Olivia Holt and Aubrey Joseph are special." She also spoke about her lack of knowledge about the property before joining the project, but the pitch and ability to be involved is what made her interested.

I did not. I’ve just been a fan of Marvel. When I heard what the story was about, it was right into my wheelhouse and the fact that my boys are big comic book guys and honestly, three years ago I was watching a Marvel show and my youngest ask when will we have a Black superhero. The fact that we’re so excited for Black Panther to come out, and the fact that I got to put something out on TV with a young female superhero and a black superhero was just a gift.

Marvel's Cloak & Dagger

While there are examples of female or black superheroes on television, currently, none of them are quite as young as this cast. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has Daisy and The Flash has Kid Flash for example, but both of these actors are in their mid-20's, whereas Holt and Joseph are still just teenagers. With the project heading to a teen centered network like Freeform, this could be the perfect landing spot for the series to reach this demographic and bring a new wave of fans into the fold.

There has so far not been word on what the actual status of the series is however. Since the pilot wrapped, there have been no other signs to production continuing at this point, despite Cloak & Dagger thought to be ordered directly for a full series. They could simply be waiting to see reactions to closed screenings of the pilot before finishing the series, but either way it would be quite a surprise if only the pilot gets filmed. As Prince-Bythewood points out, this show fills a need within not just the MCU but television at large. If the cast is as good as she teases and the story good enough to reach a wide demographic and not just teens, Marvel TV could have another sleeper hit on their hands.

Cloak & Dagger will reportedly debut on Freeform in 2018.


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