Clive Owen Channels James Bond In The International

Clive Owen in a scene from The International

Shoot 'Em Up star and one time James Bond candidate Clive Owen is finally getting a chance to play a Bond-like semi-real action star - uncovering a conspiracy and trying to save the world in The International.

Owen plays an Interpol agent who with the help of a Manhattan Assistant D.A. discovers one of the world's largest banks is participating in money laundering, arms trading and other illegal activities. He tries to bring them down while fighting through an international chase - with both of their lives on the line.

Here's the first trailer released for the film:


Along with Owen, the film features a cast including Naomi Watts and Armin Mueller-Stahl (who was spectacular in his big role as the mob boss in Eastern Promises), and is due out a day before Valentine's Day next February.

The International is directed by German filmmaker Tom Tykwer, who is most well-known for his Run Lola Run flick a decade ago. It was very well received by critics and was hugely successful (internationally screened in over 40 countries). Not bad for a small film made on just on a 3 million mark budget (just over USD $2 million). While he doesn't have many projects under his belt, he does have a knack for using good actors in the few American films he has made. Names like Natalie Portman, Cate Blanchett and now Clive Owen... who are all Oscar material.

Tykwer has proven he can make a solid action flick and put his own personal stamp on it. Based on the trailer and considering the cast, I have high expectations for this movie and will definitely see it. I just hope that general audiences do as well. Clive Owen's presence in the film should help bring in the crowds.

What do you guys think? Just another action-drama or something worth seeing on the big screen?

Official Website:

The International opens on February 20, 2009.

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