New Video Clips from 'Community' Season 2

Community Season Two, Joel McHale, Chevy Chase, Guest-Starring Betty White

Community, along with Modern Family, was one of the best new television comedies of last season. Thanks to a fantastic cast - Joel McHale, Danny Pudi, Donald Glover, Alison Brie and Chevy Chase, amongst others - and smart, hilarious writing, it was basically a satire of every school-related television and movie trope from the past thirty years.

I’ve been looking forward to season 2 of Community since the climactic cliffhanger in last season’s finale and now, fortunately, NBC has released two new video clips to tide me and my Community brethren over until Thursday. Will Jeff date Britta, the stone-cold blonde? Will Jeff date his teacher and ex-girlfriend, Professor Slater? Or will Jeff date - gasp - the sweet and innocent Annie?

No, seriously, I care deeply about these things.

Check out this clip of the Community cast returning for their second year at Greendale Community College:

Whereas the first season of Community centered around the concept of seven college students (from various walks of life) taking Spanish together and growing as friends and, eventually, family, Season 2 seems to center around that very same group taking anthropology together - despite having no idea what anthropology is.

Rest assured, hijinks will be forthcoming.

Previously, it was announced that Betty White - red hot from her most recent turns in The Proposal, as host of SNL, and as the star of that one Snickers Super Bowl commercial - would be guest-starring in the first episode of the season. Apparently, White will be playing the Community gang’s new anthropology teacher, a crazy old lady (shocker) who just returned from her trip to the Amazon where she studied monkeys. Indeed, it seems the jungle has... changed her.

Check out this clip of the cast of Community talking about the addition of Betty White:

It's good to see that the chemistry of the cast, which made the first season infinitely enjoyable, is as vibrant and endearing as ever.

Community Season Two premieres this Thursday, Sept. 23, at 8/7 Central. Despite the fact that Thursdays are jam-packed with some of the best shows on television: Fringe, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, 30 Rock, etc. - Community is probably the one I look forward to most.

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