'Cliffhanger' Reboot in the Works, Screenwriter Attached

Cliffhanger Reboot in the Works

But it was also a fairly self-contained film. After all, it's one thing to have a reckless cop like John McClane constantly getting into international incidents involving terrorists or thieves posing as terrorists, but how does one contrive such a sequel featuring a guy who rock climbs for a living? And while a reboot has been in the works for quite some time, we haven't heard much about it since 2009.

That is, until now. According to Deadline, the reboot - or, in their words, "reimagining" - is finally moving forward from producer Neal Moritz (the Fast & Furious franchise). Joe Gazzam has been hired to write the script. He was apparently one of many writers who pitched a Cliffhanger reimagining, and his was the one that got Moritz' attention.

Interestingly, Gazzam was previously hired to write an early draft of another film produced by Moritz, 21 Jump Street, before Jonah Hill took it in a different (probably more comedic) direction. Unfortunately, he hasn't written anything that's made it into production, so there's no telling what kind of Cliffhanger reboot/reimagining/remake we can expect.

Cliffhanger Starring Sylvester Stallone

Speaking of - can a film like this, which was really just a standalone story that was never sequelized or franchised or anything-ized, actually be rebooted? Remade, sure, that's something that makes a certain amount of sense, even if it'll annoy a great many people who loved the original.

But wouldn't a reboot of Cliffhanger look pretty much the same as a remake? This isn't like James Bond where you can take the character back to his roots. The point of the original film is that Gabriel Walker (Stallone) is basically a regular guy with excellent rock climbing skills who inadvertently gets caught up in a dangerous situation involving heavily-armed killers.

If that's more or less what this new Cliffhanger will look like, then I think we can just go ahead and call it a remake - regardless of what the PR people end up calling it.

What say you, Screen Ranters? Are you interested in seeing Cliffhanger remade, rebooted, reimagined, or otherwise brought back to the big screen? Drop us a line in the comments.


Stay tuned for more news regarding the Cliffhanger remake.

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Source: Deadline

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