Bryan Cranston Replaced Seth MacFarlane On The Cleveland Show

Bryan Cranston briefly joined the cast of The Cleveland Show to replace Seth MacFarlane during season 4. MacFarlane has been behind several successful movies and TV shows, although it is Family Guy that is what he is still best known for. However, it took several pitches by MacFarlane to convince Fox to make the animated show. Family Guy ran for three seasons before being cancelled, but a revival came after the series became a phenomenon in DVD sales and as part of late-night programming on Adult Swim.

Family Guy has not slowed down since its return and became such a hit that Fox ordered the spinoff series, The Cleveland Show. Another creation of MacFarlane and Cleveland Brown voice actor Mike Henry, The Cleveland Show debuted in 2009 on Fox. The network had incredible confidence in the spinoff though that they ordered season 2 before the first episode even aired. The show was the first by MacFarlane where he didn't voice the lead character, but he did provide the voice of several characters.

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Outside of his recurring work as Family Guy cast members, MacFarlane voiced characters like Tim the Bear and Dr. Fist. However, as MacFarlane's star continued to shine, his availability for The Cleveland Show diminished. As detailed in a new Screen Rant video, MacFarlane completely gave up the role of Dr. Fist after stepping away and briefly returning - and Bryan Cranston eventually was the one to replace him. For more surprising facts about the show, check out the video at the top of this post.

Dr Fist in The Cleveland Show

Cranston took over the role of Dr. Fist in season four of The Cleveland Show. MacFarlane previously voiced Cleveland's preferred doctor in the first two seasons of the series. Tom Kenny took over the role for one episode in season 3 before returning the role to MacFarlane for two episodes. At the very end of season 3 though, Cranston made his debut as Dr. Fist. It was his second time appearing on The Cleveland Show though, as he voiced Graham Kensington earlier that season.

From this point on, Cranston voiced Dr. Fist in eight episodes of the fourth and final season of The Cleveland Show. The reason for him completely taking over the role is because MacFarlane was too busy working on Ted, his feature directorial debut where he also voiced the lead CGI bear. Cranston is no stranger to voice work on the small screen. He's had roles in Lilo & Stitch: The Series, ArcherThe SimpsonsRobot ChickenSuperMansion, and fellow MacFarlane shows American Dad! and Family Guy. Of course, Cranston also has plenty of famous TV roles thanks to Malcolm in the Middle and Breaking Bad.

The Cleveland Show may no longer be on the air and Cranston's work in the role over, but him taking over Dr. Fist for MacFarlane is a nice bit of trivia for fans of the series and the Family Guy universe. While many may already be aware of this fact, the ability to hear more of Cranston's work could be enough to warrant checking out The Cleveland Show now.

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