Clerks 3: Kevin Smith To Perform Live Reading Of Unmade Script Next Month

Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith as Jay and Silent Bob

Kevin Smith is performing a live reading of his unmade Clerks 3 script next month. Having directed a wide range of films now deemed cult classics, Smith has maintained a strong following since making his debut in 1994 with Clerks.

Made for a tiny budget that came in just under $30,000, today Clerks has managed to gross over $3 million, solidifying Smith as a huge inspiration for aspiring filmmakers everywhere. What’s perhaps most impressive about Smith’s success is the fact that Clerks was made at a time when cameras as well as the equipment necessary to make a film were not as affordable or as accessible as they are today. Without the aid of crowdsourcing or the possibility of being noticed on YouTube, Smith was able to create something that still resonates with audiences today, and because of this, he returned to the concept in 2006 with Clerks II.

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Though at one point a third Clerks film was in the works - and even had its funding secured - fans had their hopes dashed in May of last year when Smith announced that Clerks III was officially not happening. There was initial talk of the unused script being turned into a comic book, but now, thanks to an announcement from Smith himself via his Twitter account, it looks like Clerks III will get its world premiere as a one time only, live reading event for charity.

As per the above tweet, Smith will take part in a live reading of the script, to a very small audience, this August in New Jersey. The event is being put on as a benefit for the First Avenue Playhouse, one of the oldest, continuously running community theaters in central New Jersey’s Monmouth County. With only 80 seats available, the benefit is likely to sell out very quickly and the pricey $100 tickets are sure to bring in some much-needed funds for the Playhouse. At this point there’s no confirmation of who exactly will be helping Smith to bring this reading to life, but he did specifically say that “we” will read the Clerks III script live, perhaps indicating that the “we” in this case is the original Clerks cast. The film previously didn’t go ahead due to Jeff Anderson’s (who plays Randal Graves) refusal to take part, but Anderson is from Monmouth County, so perhaps he’ll be back for this one time only hometown event.

Smith has been very busy since suffering a near fatal heart attack early last year, and the 49-year-old no longer seems to be the same person who once stated that he would retire from directing after Clerks III. Instead, Smith is finishing up post-production on his Jay & Silent Bob sequel, Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, with numerous other projects in the works. It’s too bad for Clerks fans that one of those other projects isn’t Clerks III, but at least for some of Smith fans, this August’s live reading will be an event to remember.

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Source: Kevin Smith/Twitter

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