Cleanflicks Is Dead

Looks like Cleanflicks has lost the battle.

If you visit their site you will see that they are liquidating their stock of edited films. An annoying aspect of their liquidation is that you had to have been a prior customer in order to purchase any of the movies.

I don't disagree with what they were trying to accomplish, I just don't know why they weren't able to work out an amicable deal with Hollywood, a la movies edited for display on network TV.

For example, removing the cuss words from Back to the Future wouldn't have hurt the movie any. I purchased the trilogy recently to watch with my 9 yr old daughter and was VERY surprised at the language in the film, which I had forgotten about.

On the other hand, making a "clean" version of Alien, Aliens or many R-rated films is kind of silly IMHO.

I still think it's a great idea to have cleaned up versions of old PG (pre-PG-13) and current PG-13 movies. Just enough to take the edge off, without doing much harm to the "artistic integrity" (yeah, right) of films.

I still say that much of the argument is bogus due to the versions shown on network TV and on airline flights. What I can see as a valid argument is that the editing was done completely outside the purview of the directors of these films, whereas the versions shown in the venues I mentioned supposedly are cleaned up in cooperation with the studios.

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