14Sega’s ‘Blast Processing’ was nothing but marketing mumbo-jumbo

Sega Genesis

Playing video games back in the ‘90s meant choosing a side. It was either Nintendo or Sega, and there was no in-between: SNES owners claimed their console’s improved color palette and sound chip made it the better console, while Sega fans cited the Genesis’ more powerful hardware

as proof of its superiority.

The Genesis’ extra power was dubbed ‘blast processing’, and supposedly allowed the console to run games at a far faster clip than what Nintendo’s hardware could produce. Titles like Sonic the Hedgehog simply weren’t possible without blast processing - if gamers wanted to go fast, they’d have to buy a Genesis.

Sadly, blast processing wasn’t really the game-changer that Sega purported it to be. While the term did refer to a technical trick designed to draw a bit of extra power out of the console, it was only used on a few select games and didn’t make that big of a difference. For the most part, ‘blast processing’ was nothing more than a bunch of radical ‘90s marketing jargon.

Sonic The Hedgehog
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