Classic Sitcom Catchphrases: 5 That Are Hilarious (& 5 That Are Overrated)

Sitcoms are, by nature, super repetitive. Fans love watching the same characters, setting, and sometimes, the same situations week by week. It makes sense that many of these TV comedies have catchphrases that are said over and over again.

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While some of these are funny and comforting, others are annoying and grating. Not every line of dialogue can be a winner, after all. Here are the five most hilarious classic sitcom catchphrases, along with five that are definitely overrated.

10 Hilarious: "Challenge accepted."

Whether you love or find How I Met Your Mother a bit irritating at times, you can't deny the fact that the sitcom has some good catchphrases. Arguably the best one is Barney saying "Challenge accepted."

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This is the perfect line for this character since he's one of TV's most competitive characters. He never met a challenge that he didn't want to face immediately, and he always wants to win and be the best. No one gets tired of hearing Barney say this phrase.

9 Overrated: "Legen...wait for it... dary."

But HIMYM also has some truly bad catchphrases, including this super overrated one. While Barney saying "Legend... wait for it... dary" might have been funny the first time, it's definitely not funny now. It's used so often on the show that you can see it coming from a mile away, and you know that you're going to groan every time.

Also, it has to be said: none of Barney's adventures are really that "legendary," are they? He and Ted and the rest of the gang tend to go to the same bar all the time and do the same things. The catchphrase doesn't even seem all that relevant.

8 Hilarious: "You got it, dude."

John Stamos and one of the Olsen twins as Jesse Katsopolis and Michelle Tanner in Full House

Every time that Michelle Tanner says this classic sitcom catchphrase, fans are going to laugh. Full House has many catchphrases, and while some are annoying, we will never grow tired of little Michelle exclaiming "You got it, dude."

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A good catchphrase will have an element of surprise, and that's the case here. You're not expecting a kid to say the word "dude" and that's what makes this so hilarious. Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen also deliver this line well every time, and while Stephanie exclaiming "How rude!" might feel overplayed, "You got it, dude" never does.

7 Overrated: "Bazinga!"

Sheldon Cooper often says "Bazinga!" on The Big Bang Theory and it honestly couldn't be more overrated. While the show is beloved and fans are sad that it's over, can anyone be that sad that this phrase isn't on TV anymore? (Okay, that's not totally true since the sitcom does live on in re-runs...)

Why does Sheldon say this word? Usually to tell the person who he's talking to that he said something funny. Well, isn't it obvious that he said something funny? Why is this necessary?

6 Hilarious: "Get Out!"

Elaine on Seinfeld has an awesome catchphrase: "Get out!" When people tell her something that she doesn't believe, she says these two words and sounds super surprised.

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"Get out!" must be counted among the most hilarious classic sitcom lines. It's even better that after she says it, Elaine will literally push someone (sometimes really hard). Physical comedy plus a great catchphrase? It's really no wonder that Seinfeld is one of the greatest sitcoms in history.

5 Overrated: "Whoa!"

Joey Russo says "Whoa!" a lot on the '90s show Blossom, and it's never funny. His character isn't that funny, either, since he's generally portrayed as a goofball who is girl crazy and who doesn't have a lot going on upstairs.

The most hilarious character on the show is arguably Blossom herself, since she's quirky and it's interesting to watch her as she comes of age. Joey feels like too old-school of a character to laugh at.

4 Hilarious: "Pretty, pretty, pretty good."

Larry David Smiling Curb your enthusiasm

Larry David often says "Pretty, pretty, pretty good" on Curb Your Enthusiasm and it's always hilarious, making it a classic catchphrase that fans love.

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There's just something about Larry's delivery when he says this line. He draws out each "pretty" and he sounds kind of genuine, kind of sarcastic. This is probably as positive and optimistic as Larry is going to get, so we'll take it (and we'll keep hoping for another season of Curb Your Enthusiasm... please, Larry?).

3 Overrated: "Cut it out."

And then there are the classic sitcom catchphrases that are irritating the first time and keep getting worse every time you hear them. It's almost like the memory of this phrase is enough to make you cringe.

That's the case with Joey's "Cut it out" catchphrase on Full House. It's clear that while he thinks this is quite possibly the funniest thing that anyone has ever said, no one else around him does. And that's true of fans of this show, too: many of us wish that Joey would stop saying this already. (Basically, we want him to cut it out. Sorry, we had to.)

2 Hilarious: "Yada, yada, yada."

Is there a better line on Seinfeld than "Yada, yada, yada?" This catchphrase is not only a complete classic, but it can apply to so many situations. When you're telling a long story and don't want to keep going, you can say it. When you want to hurry someone along, you can say it too. It's basically perfect.

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This catchphrase comes from the season eight episode "The Yada Yada" which is surprising since generally speaking, the last few seasons of this series aren't as good. But thankfully, we have this catchphrase.

1 Overrated: "How you doin'?"

Friends Joey Tribbiani

In what is perhaps the most famous catchphrase from Friends, Joey often uses "How you doin'?" as his pick-up line of choice. And we have to say it: it's completely overrated.

Sure, Joey is a loveable and ditzy character, but it's not cute to watch him always try to pick up women. And this isn't a funny saying. It always seems silly, lame, and like he's trying way too hard. While Friends will always have tons of fans who can't stop rewatching the episodes, it would be great if we could all forget about this classic catchphrase.


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