Sci-fi takes many forms. There’s your classic alien invasion, popularized by films like War of the Worlds (1953). Then there’s your time travel adventure in films such as Timecop (1994). Or maybe you enjoy robots taking over the world in films like The Terminator (1984) or voyaging through space in Star Trek? Maybe you enjoyed Starship Troopers but want to see something different, like the upcoming film based on the novel rather than the film?

Some of these classic films will be getting remakes – because why would Hollywood be original when they could simply remake or reboot a franchise that has already proven financially viable? Everyone knows about the upcoming Ghost in the Shell adaptation starring Scarlett Johansson, but what about the other sci-fi classic remakes that have gone under the radar?

These upcoming sci-fi remakes could prove to be better than their original counterpart. But more than likely, these films will be bombing at the box office and on the Tomatometer. Let’s check out the 15 Classic Sci-Fi Remakes You Didn’t Know Were Coming.

15. Flash Gordon

flash gordon2 15 Classic Sci Fi Remakes You Didnt Know Were Coming

Based on a comic strip, Flash Gordon has appeared in just about every medium imaginable: live-action and animated television series, radio serials, novels, games and, of course, films. Created by King Features Syndicate to compete with Buck Rogers, the titular Flash Gordon travels to the planet Mongo with Dale Arden and Dr. Han Zarkov. Gordon plans to revolt against the ruler of Mongo, Ming the Merciless, and also has to deal with a love triangle between him, Dale, and Princess Aurora.

Currently, 20th Century Fox owns the rights to a Flash Gordon movie. It is being produced by John David and George Nolfi. The script is being written by Patrick McKay and JD Payne. Sam J. Jones, the actor who played Flash Gordon in the 1980 film, is interested in appearing in the film. Maybe he’ll be getting a cameo appearance? The team is also trying to get director Matthew Vaughn (Kingsman: The Secret Service, X-Men: First Class) to sign onto the project.

14. Logan’s Run

Jenny Agutter and Michael York in Logans Run 15 Classic Sci Fi Remakes You Didnt Know Were Coming

Based on a novel, the original Logan’s Run (1976) takes place in a seemingly utopian society that has a darker side—in order to stop overpopulation, anyone who turns 30 is killed. The protagonist of the story is Logan 5, a former “Sandman” who used to kill those people. Now, he finds himself on the other side, running away from his death. This classic sci-fi film has had numerous people attached to its remake.

Currently, it seems that Simon Kinberg (Rogue One) will be writing and he is producing the movie with Joel Silver. It is planned to be multiple films in an attempt for the studio to make money off a franchise rather than a solo film. There is no word on a director, though previously Carl Rinsch, James McTeigue, Nicolas Winding Refn, Ken Levine (Bioshock), and Bryan Singer were each tapped to call the shots. Ryan Gosling was also planning on starring in the film, but now that seems unlikely.