15The Drunk Old Man In Pokémon Red & Blue

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The Pokémon series is known for railroading the player in stupid ways. One way this is done is with the HMs, like how you cannot get past a single bush without possessing the Cut move. In some cases, a man will just stand at the only exit to town, and will

push your ten year old butt back into the dirt if you try to leave. He won't let you go past until you have completed some arbitrary task (like getting a certain amount of Gym badges).

One of the earliest examples of this happens in Pokémon Red Blue. When you first arrive in Viridian City, the exit north from the town is blocked by a tired old man in the road. His grandchild will tell you that he is tired because he hasn't had his morning coffee yet. The protagonist will respect the fact that this tired geezer now owns the road, and will not use the ample space around him to walk past. This is just a barrier put in by the developers to stop you from leaving the town before you deliver Professor Oak's parcel.

In the Japanese version of the game, the old man wasn't tired from a lack of caffeine, he was passed out drunk on the ground. The time it takes to deliver the parcel is also how long it takes for him to sober up. Once he finally has his faculties back, this hungover old man can teach you how to catch a Pokémon.

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