Classic Enterprise Update vs Classic Cars Update

As a follow up to my previous post talking about the possible redesign of the Enterprise NCC-1701 in Star Trek 11, I thought it would be interesting to do a design comparison based on another thing that many people are very passionate about.

Classic Cars.

How do classic cars figure into talking about Star Trek? Have I completely lost my mind? Well let's find out...

We'll start off with the main subject of our attention: The original series version of the starship Enterprise NCC-1701. Below you can see what the "classic" Enterprise and the "modern" version of what is supposed to be the same ship:

The USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A

Back in 1979 when the new NCC-1701 premiered, instead of being outraged, fans fell in love with the new design. Why? Two reasons:

1. While obviously updated, it was incredibly faithful to the original design of the ship. There were subtle changes made to most of the ship, mainly in added detail to the outer hull. The biggest changes were to the nacelles and pylons which deviated quite a bit from the original design.

2. It was in fact, a redesign of the ship and that was made clear in the film. It was stated that the original was 20 years old and was due for a refurbishing.

Regardless, the new look was quite faithful to the original while at the same time in many ways much more beautiful.

At this point it's unclear just how much they'll change the original design for the new Star Trek film, but here we do have an obvious difference: It's supposed to be the same ship. I could actually live with a version of the ship very similar to the 1979 version, but with straight pylons and cylindrical nacelles. I wouldn't argue with that and I can understand the cinematic reasons for adding detail to a big screen version of the ship. Anything beyond that however, is bound to aggravate existing fans.

So just for fun, let's compare some classic vs modern versions of popular sports cars and how they might relate to the redesigned Enterprise...

Modern Camaro

Modern Corvette

Modern Mustang

Modern Porsche

Keep in mind I'm a hard core Star Trek fan and that my favorite series is in fact the original. Maybe I'm mellowing with age or I just understand the fact that some things do need a bit of updating 40 years later. .. it's just unrealistic to expect them not to make some updates to the design.

But to J.J. and crew I'll say this: Please just don't go too crazy trying to put your own personal stamp/vision/design on such an iconic spaceship.

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