Hogwarts Houses Of Classic Disney Channel Characters

Though Walt Disney founded his company in California in 1923, it would be another sixty years before a television network named for him debuted. In April 1983, the Disney Channel launched. In its original programming were animated series, The Mickey Mouse Club, and a handful of shows created for its new audience. The classic Disney Channel programming featured just as many dramas as comedies and didn’t make its foray into sitcoms until the late '90s.

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Classic Disney Channel references the era before Hannah Montana reigned supreme over its programming. Before Hannah Montana launched in 2006, the network aired a lot of content acquired from other networks in addition to its shows created specifically for a Disney audience. If some of those classic characters found their way into Harry Potter’s Hogwarts, where would they end up?

10 Mickey Mouse: Gryffindor

Mickey Mouse Gryffindor

Though the many shows featuring Mickey Mouse were mostly pulled from other networks, there’s no denying he was a Disney Channel fixture. His silhouette is still a symbol for the network today. Without Mickey, the Mickey Mouse Club would never have united, after all.

As the de facto leader of the animated characters in their many incarnations, and his tendency to lead with his heart instead of his head, Mickey has to make his home in Gryffindor. Always ready for a new challenge, even if it would scare lesser mice, Mickey’s certainly a brave character.

9 Ren Stevens (Even Stevens): Ravenclaw

Ren Stevens Disney Channel Ravenclaw

Before Disney Channel series focused on singers, dancers, and wizards, they focused on the everyday life of families. The Stevens family were at the center of Even Stevens, specifically Ren and her little brother Louis. While Louis was a reckless schemer, Ren was methodical and focused.

Ren was certainly ambitious, but most of her ambitions lay in her academic challenges. She relished in reports, charts, and writing, ready to learn as much as she could to prove herself the best student. Ren would be right at home solving riddles to get into the Ravenclaw common room.

8 Becca Fisher (Flash Forward): Hufflepuff

Becca Fisher Flash Forward Disney Channel Hufflepuff

It would be difficult to have a list featuring classic Disney Channel characters without including one from the first series produced specifically for the network. Though other shows aired on Disney before 1996, the other series were created for networks like CBS and ABC. Flash Forward aired on ABC as well, but it started on Disney Channel with best friends Tucker and Becca.

Becca had known Tucker since birth, and despite a lot of his scheming that could get them into trouble, she stuck by him all through middle school. She tried her best to not only keep him out of trouble but also to minimize the damage of his schemes. Becca was also all about fairness, arguing for her friend Christine’s right to be part of the wrestling team. She was definitely a Hufflepuff.

7 Jett Jackson (The Famous Jett Jackson): Gryffindor

Jett Jackson The Famous Jett Jackson Disney Channel Gryffindor

Before Austin and Ally, Hannah Montana, or the Jonas Brothers were big names for the network, their celebrity was Jett Jackson. An action star who returned to his hometown to work, Jett couldn’t escape the celebrity life. As a Gryffindor, he probably wouldn’t really want to.

Jett often protested that he wanted a normal life. His frequent use of celebrity to get himself out of trouble proved that untrue. He was willing to take big risks and was always willing to save the day. He even managed to get Britney Spears to show up for one of his school events!

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6 Zack Morris (Good Morning, Miss Bliss): Slytherin

Zack Morris Good Morning Miss Bliss Disney Channel Slytherin

Not many Saved By The Bell fans realize that the series didn’t start as a Saturday morning sitcom on a regular network. Its first incarnation was as Good Morning, Miss Bliss, with Zack Morris and friends in junior high on the Disney Channel.

Anyone who knows their Saved By The Bell knows that Zack is one mischievous kid who always wanted a shortcut. That’s typical of a Slytherin. Zack wanted to date the prettiest, most popular girl in school, coast through his classes, and do anything to make himself look better. He had a good heart, but couldn’t resist stirring up a little trouble in his favor.

5 Annie Thelen (So Weird): Ravenclaw

Annie Thelen Disney Channel So Weird Ravenclaw

In So Weird, the daughter of a musician had an obsession with the supernatural. She investigated the unexplained as they toured. In season three, however, Fiona (Cara DiLizia) left the series for a normal life. Annie Thelen (Canadian actor/musician Alexz Johnson) joined the show.

Like Fi before her, Annie had a curious mind. Annie wouldn’t let go of any mystery put in front of her. She tracked down clues, researched mysterious phenomena, and even opened up unexplained instances in her own past. Both series leads were definitely Ravenclaws.

4 Mary Anne Spier (The Baby-Sitters Club): Hufflepuff

Mary Anne Spier The Baby-Sitters Club Disney Channel Hufflepuff

She was also a peacemaker, frequently reminding her arguing friends about just what needed to be done. Her organizational skills kept the group on track, and her can-do attitude meant she was always ready to help in a crisis. She certainly fit the Hufflepuff mold.

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3 Lizzie McGuire (Lizzie McGuire): Slytherin

Lizzie McGuire Disney Channel Slytherin

With Lizzie’s sunny, but dramatic disposition, she might have seemed like a lock for Hufflepuff or Gryffindor. Lizzie, however, isn’t actually the most loyal of friends. She’s also always looking for a way to come out on top, which means she’s sorted into Slytherin.

Lizzie’s ambitions, whether it was being named best dressed in the middle school yearbook or getting to play a pop star for the day, often led her to forget everyone else around her. She also turned her back on her friend Miranda when Miranda was accused of shoplifting. Lizzie had a good heart, but sometimes her own desires meant she wasn’t the best friend.

2 Phil Diffy (Phil Of The Future): Ravenclaw

Phil Diffy Phil Of The Future Disney Channel Ravenclaw

It’s very tempting to sort Phil Diffy into Gryffindor. When his time-traveling family ended up stuck in the past, he bravely faced life as an adventure. Of his family, however, Phil seemed to be the most knowledgeable of the past. That is why he’s better suited to Ravenclaw.

Surprisingly, Phil was able to slip right into the public school system and act like an average student. That comes from him studying up on the time period his family planned part of their vacation in. Phil was a quick study. He even understood most of the complicated mechanics of fixing their machinery that his dad spent the entire series working on.

1 Raven Baxter (That’s So Raven): Gryffindor

Raven Baxter Thats So Raven Disney Channel Gryffindor

Raven Baxter is a bit of a schemer. Yes, she got herself into a lot of scrapes as a teenager, but her duplicity in those situations wasn’t born from a Slytherin attitude. She wanted to help. That’s why she’s a Gryffindor.

With a gift for psychic visions, Raven couldn’t help the things she saw. Unfortunately, since her visions were always quick and came in bits and pieces, she never had the full picture. Her tendency to jump in head first with only the smallest bit of information is just like a Gryffindor jumping to conclusions. She tried to help time and time again, and mostly, she succeeded.

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