Which Classic Christmas Movie Character Are You, Based On Your MBTI

Based on your MBTI, these are your classic Christmas movie characters. You might be a Cindy Lou, a Buddy, a Frosty, or even a Scrooge!

We love the holidays, our readers love the holidays, and fans of Christmas movies love the holidays. Something we love just as much as the holidays is a good MBTI character analysis, and we're coming in hot (and jolly) with a Christmas-character MBTI list that will have fans saying 'holly jolly ho ho ho' in no time.

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We chosen random fan faves to serve as our Christmas characters and based on that character, we've characterized them based on which personality type they fit into the best. We find that sometimes, it's the characters with the biggest hearts that we relate to the most - or just the ones who know how to trap a criminal in their house with some ornaments and thumbtacks. Here's to the holidays and all the awesome MBTI personalities out there!

10 The Grinch As An ENTJ

Known as the Commander, ENTJs are famous for being innovative but also for bulldozing a way through, regardless of the obstacles that might stand in their way. Despite the fact that the Grinch was particularly mean to start, his heart did grow three times its size by the end of the movie. If you don't think about this, that means he was really just full of ingenuity and brilliance which helped him accomplish his vision!

He may not have been the smartest cookie in all of Whoville, but he was certainly the most creative... especially when it came to Max and his reindeer costume.

9 Cindy Lou Who As An INFP

Sweet little Cindy Lou was one of our favorite Whos with her can-do attitude and overflowing positivity. Plus, in the live-action, she was played by a young Taylor Momsen (Gossip Girl) who was beyond adorable.

All of that to say that with Cindy's contagious kindness, compassion for all (including the Grinch), and ability to soothe and calm the hearts of those around her, she would undoubtedly be an INFP. These personality types are also known as Mediators, something Cindy was well-versed at.

8 Kevin McCallister As An INTP

Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone

The Christmas mastermind himself! The entire end of Home Alone was like watching one giant game of Mouse Trap and we loved Kevin all the more for it. This smart cookie of a kid went to insane lengths to do things that seemed to just come naturally to him.

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His innovative brilliant, quick thinking, and ability to analyze and forecast a situation before it occurs makes him the perfect INTP. Known as Logicians, INTPs are known for their brain power and desire to learn.

7 Buddy The Elf As An ENFP

While Buddy definitely isn't everyone's cup of tea, maple syrup-guzzling aside, he did have a strong personality. It was a bit of a challenge to figure out initially, but we finally did it and believe Buddy would probably be an ENFP.

In other words, Buddy is a Campaigner. Filled with bubbly enthusiasm and rarely allowing life to get him down, this personality type describes his jolly, free-spirited nature to a T.

6 Clark Griswold As An ESFP

Everyone loves Clark Griswold and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is a holiday classic. Filled with disastrous happenings and hilarious mistakes, Clark is usually the one behind all of it, whether intentionally or not.

The ESFP personality type describes him pretty accurately: Spontaneous, enthusiastic, usually the life of the party. These characteristics are so classically Clark with all of his 'brilliant' ideas and antics to follow. Funny enough, this personality is also referred to as the Entertainer.

5 Ralphie Parker As An ENFJ

Ralphie's narration of A Christmas Story is something which many fans of the movie fell in love with, because it's so endearing and heart-warming. This charismatic trait is so true to the nature of an ENFJ, also known as the Protagonist.

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Will the ability to captivate and pull in their listeners, ENFJs are known for having a natural light that resonates and welcomes people. With his easily relatable nature, it's easy to see why Ralphie is still such a well-loved character today... and an ENFJ!

4 Ebenezer Scrooge As An ENTP

Ebenezer Scrooge, much like the Grinch, can easily be seen as an antagonist rather than a human being. Although this hard businessman started out bitter and unforgiving, he managed to change throughout the course of one story.

In this age-old tale of a changed heart, Scrooge demonstrated some key characteristics, such as intellectual thinking, a natural tendency to debate, and skepticism, which pairs him well with an ENTP - otherwise known as the Debater.

3 Frosty The Snowman As An ESFJ

These personality types, Consuls, as they're often referred to, are usually the one of the first to go out of their way to be there for others. An ESFJ's capacity for caring about others is often at a much higher threshold due to their compassionate nature, making Frosty a great candidate for this personality type.

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He was cheery, there for all of his friends without a question asked, and continued to be kind, even went he had to acknowledge he wouldn't be around forever.

2 Rudolph As An ISFP

A true adventurer at heart, this is also what ISFPs are known for. Rudolph seemingly feared nothing (until Abominable) and led his friends without hesitation, welcoming new misfits along the way.

Even though he felt that he didn't quite fit in anywhere, that didn't stop Rudolph from striking out on his own and lighting his own path... quite literally! These qualities are what make up the personality of a true ISFP, stepping forward despite the fear of the unknown.

1 Jack Skellington As An ESTP

Jack Skellington could be seen as a few different personality types, which made him one of the most challenging to characterize. However, due to his tendency to live life truly on the edge with a constant desire to seek more, he would do well as an ESTP.

Those with this personality are the Entrepreneurs, intelligent and unafraid of what the future holds. Their unique perspectives often set them apart from the rest, something that can also be said of our favorite holiday crossover.

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