New Clash of the Titans Photos Reveal Zeus!

Today we have for your several new photos for Louis Leterrier's upcoming remake of Clash of the Titans from two different sources. From these new looks of the main characters, I'd say that the movie is looking pretty darn good, at least visually.

The new images include several of the lead character, Perseus, played by rising star Sam Worthington and also our very first look at Zeus, played by Liam Neeson. We get a real good look at the aesthetic of some of the massive set pieces and a detailed look at the sweet armor the characters will wear on screen.

Check them out after the jump!

If you're exciting for this film, like I am, these new photos reveal more than the recent behind-the-scenes footage we saw and the previous batch of set photos from back in May.

To start, here are some Empire exclusive images for Clash of the Titans which feature Sam Worthington looking bad-ass in the film which he describes as gritty and harsh.

The first is of the new Empire cover showing off Sam in costume ready to kill something:

Click the image to see their larger version

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