Clash of the Titans TV Spots & Monster Art [Updated]

Sam Worthington might play Allan Qautermain

[Update: Check out a new Clash of the Titans behind-the-scenes featurette!]

With only a month left before the Clash of the Titans remake hits theaters (in 3D!), the promo materials for the film are going to start coming at us pretty rapidly.

Case in point: today we have three new Clash of the Titans TV spots (you probably caught them over the weekend during the final rounds of the Winter Olympics), and also some new artwork featuring the mythological monsters that appear in the movie.

First we'll take a look at the three new Clash of the Titans TV spots. The first one is pretty much a condensed version of the teaser trailer - same music, same sequencing, same footage- this time with the updated selling point of "In 3D!" stamped all on it. The second TV spot is slightly more revealing about what the actual story of the film is, similar to the international trailer. The third TV spot focuses even more on story and features some new footage.

Anyway, check out all three Clash of the Titans TV spots:


For an HD version of TV Spot #3, go HERE.

Side Note: Am I the only one who finds it hilarious that they're now advertising movies with the bookend of "...and in 2D" attached? When did THAT become something you needed to say about a movie? That it's in 2D? Has Avatar really changed the game that drastically? Sheesh...

UPDATE: Here's a new behind-the-scenes featurette for Clash of the Titans, courtesy of Yahoo Movies:

On to the monster art: Have a look at some of the mythological monsters you'll be seeing in Clash of the Titans, courtesy of Empire magazine and Bloody Disgusting:

The Reaper




The Krakken

For more of the gallery you can head over to Bloody Disgusting; for the full spread you'll need to keep your eye out for the latest issue of Empire.

Clash of the Titans (in 3D AND 2D) hits theaters on April 2, 2010.

Sources: Empire & Bloody Disgusting

Update Source: Yahoo Movies

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