Clash Of The Titans Remake: Good Idea Or Bad?

Hello there ladies and gentlemen. My name is Niall Browne and I'm the new guy here at Screen Rant. By strange coincidence my first post here will reference the first film that I ever truly loved: Clash of the Titans. Like most people, I feel that Hollywood should try and create more original products and stop pillaging its back catalog of movies. I am not a big fan of remakes.

The 1981 version of Clash of the Titans is a magical film with wonderful Ray Harryhausen effects and a top tier cast featuring Lawrence Olivier, Ursula Andress, Maggie Smith, Burgess Meredith and even Harry Hamlin(!).

Taking its starting point from Greek mythology Titans tells the story of Perseus and his journey to save the life of his love, Andromeda. During the film he battles the Kracken and the scarily evil Medusa (snakes for hair and when you look her in the eye you turn to stone).

Now, I think I’ll give my spell check a break after that barrage of bizarre names. :-)

The original film is a minor masterpiece and I still enjoy it twenty years after I first fell in love with it. As I said above, normally I'm wary of remakes, but I feel that this new version, written by Lawrence Kasdan could be excellent (the man wrote The Empire Strikes Back and Raiders of the lost Ark!!) I also have to admit that Harryhausen’s effects are looking a tad dated in this digital age.

Latino Review announced that Robert Rodriguez was in the frame to direct, but he has since ditched the project as he has so many of his own in the pipeline. I honestly don’t think that Rodriguez was the right man for the project: he’s a bit too interested in pushing the boundaries of technology than he is in telling a story on this epic scale.

I suspect that the man for the job could be Stephen Sommers. However let’s hope it’s more like The Mummy than Van Helsing.

Okay, I’ve thrown down the gauntlet. Let the games begin!

Source: Latino Review

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