Clash of the Titans International Trailer

Sam Worthington might play Allan Qautermain

A new international trailer for Clash of the Titans has debuted on IGN, and we have it to share with you today.

This late in the game (the film premieres in about eight weeks) the new trailer actually attempts to let us in on what the actual story is about (beyond all the rock music and crazy fights with CGI mythological monsters).

If you didn't know anything else about the film, this trailer would tell you that Sam Worthington (Avatar) plays a character who is part man, part god, and is humanity's only hope for salvation when the gods of Olympus decide they've had enough with mankind and all our B.S. You'd also probably gather that Liam Neeson plays Zeus, Ralph Fiennes is Hades, and a pretty girl who looks somewhat familiar (Gemma Arterton from Quantum of Solace) is playing a princess/love interest type.

Check out the new Trailer for Clash of the Titans:

I'm a bit worried, and I'll tell you why: other than bit of backdrop we get to set up the story, there's not really anything new that I'm seeing in this trailer (at least in terms of the action sequences). It makes me believe that Clash of the Titans is one of those movies that has already blown its load too early, by showing off too much.

Anyway, the film is directed by Louis Leterrier (Incredible Hulk) and the studio is currently debating converting it into 3D. Like that will make all the difference in the world... (Although, that Krakken might be pretty awesome in 3D.)

Let us know what you thought of the trailer.

Source: IGN

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