Clash Of The Titans Has A Director

My first ever post for Screen Rant was about the Clash of The Titans remake. Now I can follow up on that to tell you that the film has a director: Stephen Norrington.

Who is Norrington? He's the man behind such genre fare as Blade and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Variety reports that Norrington has signed up to direct the special effects laden film. This makes sense as he has a background in visual effects (it's how he got started in the business), but does he have the talent to measure up to Ray Harryhausen?

Don't get too depressed by this news... the script is supposed to be an absolute corker [that means good: Niall is British - Vic] as the original draft by Travis Beacham was rewritten by Lawrence Kasdan. Yes you read the right, Lawrence Kasdan: the guy behind The Empire Strikes Back and Raiders of The Lost Ark.

I'm not to sure how I feel about this. It seems like an OK fit, but Norrington did go over the top on CGI when making The League.

What's your opinion?

Source: Variety

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