Lastest 3D Converts: Clash of the Titans & Ghostbusters 3?

For those of you interested in the latest news in the 3D movie craze today we have some news of two highly-anticipated upcoming movies, Clash of the Titans and Ghostbusters 3, which may be going 3D. Read on for the details.

Clash of the Titans

We reported a few days before Christmas that Louis Leterrier's (The Incredible Hulk) upcoming special effects-laden remake Clash of the Titans might be going the 3D route. This news was debunked by Leterrier himself shortly thereafter, citing that they wouldn't be able to convert the movie in time for its release in March.

However, today we get news from Heath Vision Blog that Warner Bros. is still considering Clash of the Titans in three dimensions and they have 10 days to make up their minds about it, if they want to make their scheduled March 26th release date. A few scenes have already been converted and they will be screened sometime next week. The studio will then decide whether they want to convert the rest and give it the usual simultaneous 2D/3D release.

If WB does decide to give Titans the 3D treatment then its release might lead to some audience members feeling conflicted: on the very same day, Dreamworks Animation's 3D movie How To Train Your Dragon also hits theaters. I know the audience for Titans will be a bit older than the one for Dreamwork's latest animated film, but since they're both in 3D there's definitely going to be some choosing between one or the other (after all, 3D is more expensive).

As I said when the Titans 3D rumors surfaced - since it wasn't filmed for the technology from the outset,  it won't be suited to it and this is just WB jumping on the 3D bandwagon to try and capitalize on Avatar's success. Personally, I would rather see this particular movie in standard 2D. How about you?

Ghostbusters 3

After all these years of speculation and "maybe... maybe not" word from the primary players (Ivan Reitman and Dan Aykroyd in particular), it looks like we're finally going to be getting Ghostbusters 3. And with the success of Avatar both critically (at least as far as the technology goes) and financially (it's looking like it'll surpass Titanic!), it's no surprise there's word of Ghostbusters 3 coming at us in three dimensions.

3D news site Marketsaw have it from one of their top sources that a certain little special effects house called ILM (you may know their work - Transformers, anyone?) is taking Ghostbusters 3 down the stereoscopic 3D route. Marketsaw is still trying to dig a little deeper to find out more details on this, but I wouldn't be surprised if we do end up getting Ghostbusters 3D.

Unlike Titans, I don't think 3D for the Ghostbusters franchise is necessarily the worst idea, since to me it seems like the film would be suited to the technology. Not that I just want things being thrown at me while in theaters for no purpose, but if they can keep the action scenes as fun as they were in at least the first film (and of course if the film is shot for 3D from the outset), then I see no problem with having it in 3D. Am I alone in that?

Clash of the Titans hits theaters on March 26th, 2010. There's no official release date set for Ghostbusters 3, although there are rumors that it could start shooting this year for release sometime in 2011.

Sources: THR's Heat Vision Blog and Marketsaw (hat tip to Cinemablend)

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