Clash Of The Titans Gets Terminated

Way back last year (to the very day!) my first ever Screen Rant post was about the in-development Clash of the Titans movie. At the time nobody was yet cast in the film, but we knew that Lawrence Kasdan had penned the script. We know that Incredible Hulk director Louis Leterrier will helm the film, but until now we didn't know who would be slipping into Harry Hamilin's sandals to play Perseus in the Ray Harryhausen remake.

That changed today when news broke that the star of Terminator Salvation would be starring in the $100 million budgeted film.

Sam Worthington will be playing the lead role in the R-rated Clash of the Titans - which is due to start shooting in late winter or early spring.

According to Variety:

"The film will be made for under $100 million because the visual effects will be accomplished using the greenscreen techniques that made 300 so visually arresting."

I haven't really gotten a comment on Worthington's attachment to the film as I've never seen him in a film. However, I'm sure that will change once Terminator Salvation and James Cameron's Avatar open next year.

Jeez - that man must have one hell of an agent!

More when we get it.

Source: Variety

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