Clash of the Titans 2 Snags Writing Duo

Clash of the Titans 2 writers - Dan Mazeau and David Leslie Johnson

A few days ago we got wind of the news that Jonathan Liebesman (Battle: Los Angeles) might be directing the upcoming sequel to the mythological blockbuster, Clash of the Titans. Although we still don't know whether or not he will end up directing the movie, we now know that the sequel is moving along quickly, with two screenwriters already confirmed.

Greg Berlanti (Green Lantern) was originally brought on to pen the treatment for Clash of the Titans 2 but now it appears he will just be working with/consulting the two official writers of the sequel, Dan Mazeau and David Leslie Johnson.

Mazeau isn't exactly unfamiliar with blockbuster fare, having worked on both upcoming movie versions of The Flash and Johnny Quest. Although Johnson may not be used to working on a movie like Titans 2, he did write the scripts for the 2009 thriller Orphan and for the upcoming Girl With the Red Riding Hood, which is being directed by Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight).

According to Heat Vision Blog, hiring Mazeau and Johnson is part of the studio's plan to make the process of writing different drafts of a Hollywood blockbuster screenplay move along a lot quicker than usual.  What usually happens is different writers with unique strengths are brought onboard to "beef up" the different areas of a script, from the set-pieces to the drama. This usually extends the length of development, and also means that the tone and focus of the film often changes between drafts.

Basically, the aim is to make the Titans 2 screenplay more "cohesive," since Mazeau is known for big action set-pieces, while Johnson's strength lies in writing "dark character pieces." Those two opposing extremes brought together in one script - with the two writers working together as opposed to rewriting each other's drafts - should make for a better script. Here's hoping, anyway...

Clash of the Titans 2 writers

As far as the main cast goes, there's still no confirmation whether Sam Worthington or Gemma Arterton will be returning for the Titans sequel, but reports say it's looking likely. And just in case you're wondering whether it's really true or not, it's now confirmed that Titans 2 will be shot in 3D as opposed to converted in post-production - definitely the lesser of two evils :-P .

What do you think of the two writers hired for the Clash of the Titans sequel? What can the writers do to improve on the first one?

Clash of the Titans 2 could shoot as early as next January and could be released as early as the Spring of 2012.

Source: Heat Vision Blog

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