Clark Gregg Thinks Avengers Have 'Moved On' From Coulson

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Clark Gregg thinks The Avengers have had plenty of time to move on from Agent Coulson’s tragic “death.” Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) was introduced in the original Iron Man and would reappear in most of the Phase One Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. He quickly became a fan favorite thanks to his dry wit and warmth - something that Joss Whedon wanted to use to his advantage. Whedon is no stranger to killing off likeable characters for dramatic effect, so when he signed on for The Avengers fans correctly guessed somebody had to die to up the stakes.

The director’s options were pretty limited since he couldn’t kill off any of the title heroes, so Coulson drew the short straw, with Loki impaling him on a spear. Coulson’s death managed to pull the team together for the finale, though Marvel quickly undid the character’s death by making Coulson the lead in the TV series Marvel’s Agents OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Coulson’s resurrection was intentionally kept secret from the team though, and five seasons in there’s no sign of that changing.

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That doesn’t stop fans asking Gregg all the time if there will ever be a Coulson/Avengers reunion. However, in an interview with Comic Book,  Gregg admitted he thinks his old pals have moved past Coulson's so-called demise:

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It is an ever-present theme. It's really touching to me how much the fans stay obsessed with the idea of when the Avengers are going to learn Coulson's alive. It's something that...I don't know, I find that so touching! I think the Avengers have moved on, they're busy.

That said, the star doesn’t rule out some kind of reunion in the future, adding “And you know, when the time is right, who knows?” Keeping Coulson death a secret from The Avengers was Joss Whedon’s idea, as he felt it undid the impact of the character’s death. He justified it to himself by making sure the movie and television Marvel universes were kept separate from each other so that as far the movies are concerned, Coulson remains dead.

That said, with the MCU due to reach its “finale” with Avengers 4, and Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D having just wrapped its 100th episode, fans would no doubt love to see Coulson reunited with Tony Stark, Captain America and the rest of the team, just to wrap up the loose end. Just about every living character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe will return for the final two Avengers sequels, so there must surely be room for a Coulson cameo along the way?

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Source: Comic Book

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