Next Issue of Civil War II Puts Captain Marvel in a Tough Spot

Civil War II #1 cover art

[Warning: Potential SPOILERS for Civil War II ahead.]

Marvel's Civil War II crossover event was announced just in time to catch the eye of moviegoers excited about Captain America: Civil War, which itself was loosely adapted from the original Marvel Comics series of the same name. Instead of pitting hero against hero in the aftermath of a superhuman registration act, however, Civil War II deals with the Minority Report-esque plotline of an Inhuman named Ulysses who can see into the future and thus stop crimes from happening. The central question: Should he?

At one side of the debate is Iron Man, who was also central to the first Civil War and this time reverses roles by taking up the cause of freedom over safety. On the other side is Captain Marvel, who thinks that Ulysses' powers should be taken full advantage of. Making Captain Marvel a central character in the conflict likely had something to do with the fact that she will be getting her own solo movie in 2019, after making an appearance in The Avengers: Infinity War in 2018.

The upcoming sixth issue of Civil War II promises to put Carol Danvers in a tough spot, though. A new press release for the issue offers a glimpse of what's to come, and the future appears to be history repeating itself with Spider-Man taking out the original Captain America. Only this time, the Spider-Man is Miles Morales. See the press release and accompanying preview images below:

New York, NY—September 28th, 2016 — This October, friendships will be pushed to the limit, alliances will be broken – and the Marvel Universe will be shaken. Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look inside CIVIL WAR II #6 – the next blistering chapter from creators Brian Michael Bendis and artist David Marquez! They were prepared to stop catastrophes before they happened. But what about a vision so preposterous it couldn’t possibly come true? Or could it? As the next glimpse of the future reveals Miles Morales standing over what remains of the original Captain America, Steve Rogers – true convictions will be tested. How far would you go to protect the future? Would you turn on one of your own? The answers may surprise you! Be there as the battle rages on this October in CIVIL WAR II #6!

Civil War II # 6 Cover

Civil War II # 6 - Cho Variant

Civil War # 6 Preview

Civil War # 6 Preview 2

Civil War # 6 Preview 1

Civil War # 6 Noto Variant

Civil War II # 6 Gi Connecting Variant

Of course, comic book readers who have been following the exploits of Steve Rogers know that he is no longer one of the good guys, but an agent of HYDRA. The problem is that most of the rest of the Marvel universe doesn't know that, so the vision of Spider-Man taking him down could put Spidey in a very tough spot indeed. But as the leader of the pro-Ulysses team, Captain Marvel is also put in a tough spot. How does she deal with this vision of what's to come? Without knowing the truth behind Steve Rogers, her decision could end up being an entirely wrong one.

After the death of an Avenger in a previous issue of Civil War II, it seems no one is safe during this newest battle of heroes. Readers will have to wait to find out if Spider-Man ends up thwarting the rogue Captain America, or if a look into the future without all the facts leads to a tragic ending for Miles Morales.

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Civil War II # 6 hits stands on October 6, 2016.

Source: Marvel

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