Civil War II Reveals Death of an Avenger

The two sides of Civil War II

[Warning: Major SPOILERS for Civil War II #3 ahead.]


In Marvel's new on-going coming book series, Civil War II, a new Inhuman has emerged — a young man named Ulysses who can foretell the future. Some of The Avengers, like Captain Marvel find his abilities helpful, especially when it comes to saving the world on a daily basis. If The Avengers know of upcoming threats or disasters, they can better prepare themselves for what's coming their way. But not everyone is onboard. Iron Man sees this as dangerous territory with unpredictable results, unjustified arrests, and unforeseen consequences that could be worse than what the heroes are trying to prevent. Civil War II, written by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by David Marquezraises moral questions between security and civil rights, forcing The Avengers to choose a side in a large-scale conflict that causes major fallout, and even death of our favorite superheroes.

In Civil War II #3, a classic Marvel hero dies at the hand of another Avenger and former friend. The latest issue centers around the shocking death of Bruce Banner when Hawkeye shoots an arrow directly into his chest. The Hulk (big angry green guy) hasn't been seen on any of Marvel's pages since the 8-month jump after last year's Secret Wars event. Meanwhile Banner's mysterious absence is revealed. He's been hiding out in a remote location and experimenting on himself to keep the Hulk at bay. When Ulysses foresaw that the Hulk would murder several of the Avengers, Bruce Banner became a target.

Note that the Hulk didn't die, but Bruce Banner did. See how it happened from the excerpt from Civil War II #3 below:

The issue begins with the trial of Bruce's unknown killer, alternating between court testimonies from both Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel). We eventually discover who murdered Bruce from flashbacks to the massive showdown at Banner's remote lab. This is where we finally see the murder weapon - an arrow. Clint Barton (Hawkeye) tragically ended his former teammates life, shaking up The Avengers to the very core of their existence.

The rest of issue #3 covers the story in detail, but how will this death will affect the heated debate between Tony and Carol over Ulysses' powers? Fallout from Bruce's death will continue to play out in the main storyline, focusing on whether Banner really asked Hawkeye to kill him, or if Clint saw green and decided for himself to make the fatal shot.

While comic book readers assumed that there would be plenty of death and destruction in Civil War II, a hero brutally killing another hero is a major bombshell. The way the book is written makes it seem as though Banner may never return, but that doesn't necessarily mean we won't see the Hulk again at some point in the series. Banner might be gone, but as we've seen in past comic book series, superheroes always find a way to return. Meanwhile, The Avengers are being torn apart from the inside out because of Civil War II's upheaval.

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Civil War II #3 is currently available. The story continues later this month when Civil War II #4  releases on July 27.

Source: Marvel Comics [via CBR]

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