Creepy 'Citadel' Trailer Features (Literally) Monstrous Street Hooligans

In the trailer for 'Citadel', a young father (Aneurin Barnard) must protect his infant child from the feral gang of muggers who murdered his wife (Amy Shiels).

Aneurin Barnard in the trailer for Citadel

The trailer for Citadel serves up quick cuts of snarling muggers prowling around a decaying apartment complex, as well as a glimpse into the experiences of a young father (Aneurin Barnard) whose family is being preyed upon by these mysterious monsters.

Citadel marks the feature-length writing and directorial debut of Ciaran Foy, whose resume includes shorts with such unpleasant titles as "Scumbot" and "The Faeries of Blackheath Woods" as well as the "Lonely Hearts" segment of the surreal horror anthology Hotel Darklight. As you would expect, the cast is composed of lesser-knowns - with the exception of James Cosmo, who plays Commander Mormont on Game of Thrones and appeared on Sons of Anarchy as Father Kellan Ashby.

Barnard headlines Citadel as Tommy Cowley - who, as can be seen in the above trailer, develops severe agoraphobia after his pregnant wife is brutalized by a gang of hoodlums within the confines of their dilapidated complex. Tommy's wife dies from her wounds, but their daughter survives, leaving the young man to face the struggle of being a single parent (on top of his newfound paranoia).

Soon thereafter, Tommy begins to believe the same street hooligans are coming back for him, despite the assurance of those around him. However, a vigilante priest (Cosmo) eventually warns Tommy that his worries are indeed legitimate - as he must now protect his helpless child from beings far more dangerous than your average underage thug.

Aneurin Barnard in the trailer for Citadel
Aneurin Barnard in 'Citadel'

The aforementioned "monsters" in Citadel are intriguing - though, thankfully, the trailer doesn't spell out whether they are, in fact, genuine supernatural creatures - or, rather, feral adolescents who make the kids in Lord of the Flies seem downright civilized by comparison. Moreover, Tommy's fears that he is being stalked and/or hunted by these punks are surely relatable to anyone who's lived in a similarly rundown urban area.

Citadel looks to suffice as a gritty horror-thriller piece, with Foy putting his unusual monsters to good use. It could well prove to be something more memorable than just a serviceable scarefest, so long as Barnard manages to carry the bulk of the film on his shoulders.

Look for Citadel when it hits select theaters on October 19th, 2012.


Source: Yahoo! Movies

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