Cillian Murphy & Thandie Newton Head For 'The Retreat'

Inception star Cillian Murphy has just signed on to his next project, following the success of Christopher Nolan’s science-fiction epic. Murphy will star alongside Thandie Newton in The Retreat, which has been pitched as “a landlocked Knife In the Water meets Dead Calm.”

Sony Pictures has bought the UK rights to the film, which starts shooting this September in Wales under the first time direction of Carl Tibbetts.

According to Deadline:

“Murphy and Newton will play a husband and wife who rent a remote island cottage while trying to repair their marriage. One day they find a bio-hazard-suited soldier washed up on the beach, who warns them that everybody on the mainland has been killed by an airborne virus. That’s when the psychological fun-and-games begin...”

It sounds like an intriguing premise, and I’m sure that that there will be some intense thrills and paranoia. Dead Calm comparisons put this film in good standing on paper. Phillip Noyce’s (Salt) thriller was an excellent three-hander with Sam Neill, Nicole Kidman and Billy Zane all putting in some career-highlight work. Let’s hope that Murphy, Newtown and their mysterious stranger manage to step up to the plate.

However, Murphy is no stranger to claustrophobic and virus ridden thrillers, as he has also starred in Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later and Sunshine, as well as Wes Craven’s Red Eye. Newton also has  quite a varied filmography, as she has starred in Mission: Impossible 2, The Truth About Charlie and Oprah Winfrey’s Beloved.

Director Carl Tibbetts, the editor of Alien Vs Predator, also wrote the screenplay for the film, which will be produced by Gary Sinyor and Sir David Frost. Frost, a journalist and television presenter in the UK, is probably best known to U.S. audiences as the principal protagonists in Frost/Nixon. It’s not his first producing effort, as he also produced Rogue Trader in 1999. That film starred Ewan McGregor as Nick Leeson, the man who brought down Barings Bank in the 1990’s. Let’s hope that The Retreat fares better than that film, as it was, no pun intended, a financial disaster.

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Source: Deadline

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