Cillian Murphy Drops 'Inception' Hints [Updated]

Christopher Nolan's upcoming thriller, Inception, has been a pretty big mystery to movie fans ever since it was first announced. An excellent and perplexing teaser trailer appeared online a little while ago, and from then on we've only had hints and teases here and there - including set reports and photos - to keep us intrigued. But despite all those tidbits, it seems like Inception is one of those movies that we'll all need to actually see for ourselves to understand (and my guess is even then it will keep us talking long after the credits roll).

Adding to the hints about what Inception is about, exactly,  is one of the film's stars, Cillian Murphy (Batman Begins, 28 Days Later). Murphy recently spoke to MTV Movies Blog and reminded us that this is his third film with Nolan, saying that Nolan showed him the whole script (I'm assuming Murphy isn't in the whole movie), and he described it as, "very very complex and amazing. I'm hugely excited for next year when it comes out."

As far as the story goes, Murphy obviously didn't give much away, but gave us the following -"It's conceptual. It doesn't fit into any genre. There are elements of different types of things in it but it is all from Chris's imagination. I've never read anything close to it before."

Possible plot details got out recently which (possible SPOILER ahead) described the film as being about entering and manipulating people's dreams (end SPOILER), which seems to fit with what Murphy described.

If you want to see the video of Murphy talking about Inception you can head over to MTV Movies Blog.

UPDATE: Empire recently caught up with Inception star, Sir Michael Caine, who has given a couple of other hints to add to what Murphy has said above. Caine revealed he plays, "a professor who's teaching a guy science... It's Leonardo diCaprio. He's going off to do a science project and he speaks to me before he goes." Caine praised DiCaprio, and then went on to further the secrecy around the project by saying, "They wouldn't let me read the script. I only got my page. They're all very secretive!"

That's all regarding Inception hints for the time being. At the same time as it's irritating (in a good way!) not knowing exactly what Inception is about, I'm also glad we're being teased bit by bit like this. In case you haven't seen them - and if you don't want to stay completely in the dark - make sure to check out the various set photos and videos that have appeared online over the last couple of months. They still leave us none the wiser out of context - but hey, they're something.

What do you think of what Cillian Murphy has hinted at about Inception? Do you like all of what you've heard about Nolan's latest?

Inception is currently filming and is set for a release in IMAX and regular theaters on July 16th, 2010.

Source: MTVMoviesBlog and Empire

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