Chucky Reborn: Rebooting Child's Play

From Alex over at FirstShowing comes word that there may be a remake in the works for the original Chucky movie: Child's Play.

I have to agree with him in that if this one gets made, it's not one that I would get all riled up about. The original was scary yet funny in a cheesy way and the series has descended into campy horror... so what's the harm in remaking the original? The word is that producer David Kirschner, who has produced all the Chucky movies to date is behind it and that Don Mancini, who came up with the original story and wrote the screenplay would be writing this one as well.

The original Child's Play is almost 20 years old and it seems that's the magic number these days for making a movie fair game for a remake. At this point the movie does not have a director attached and isn't even officially green-lighted yet.

I suppose it could be fun, but with this sort of movie, it could be difficult to recapture the charm (yes, I just said "charm") of the original. It was over the top when it came to the personality of the Chucky character in a way that looking back was really quite funny and creepy at the same time. This was exploited and expanded via the sequels (although I've only seen a couple of them).

So, an interesting bit of news about a remake that I actually think might be fun.

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