Chucky Halloween Giveaway Contest - Winner!

We have a winner of Screen Rant's Sideshow Collectibles Chucky Doll contest:

The Chucky Doll Winner is

Leslie from Ocoee, FL

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Creepy, ain't he? :-)

Just in time for Halloween the folks over at Sideshow Collectibles are sponsoring a contest here at for your very own Chucky doll. Now you, too can lose sleep at night wondering if your Chucky will come to life and raid the knife drawer.

Here's a detailed description of prize:

Chucky is a modern horror icon, slashing his way through film after film, with a growing body count and a growing family. Sideshow is proud to bring Chucky to life with the most eerily realistic figure ever produced. Chucky stands 14 inches tall, and is built on a vinyl doll body capable of sitting and standing poses. The arms have a clever rotating swivel joint at the elbows that allow bent arm or straight arm poses, and the figure is ball-jointed at the neck, shoulders, and hips. He's dressed to kill in his 'Good Guys' clothing set. Even though he may look like a toy, don't let your guard down...

If you're as big a fan of movies as I am but you haven't heard of yet, you really need to check out their website because it's filled with lots of very cool, limited edition collectibles that any fan would love to have. Most of the collectible items they offer end up selling out quickly and going for much more than the original purchase price on eBay. Their stuff is super high quality and I own a very cool Iron Man statue from them, myself. fans will have a blast in there, as well as horror maniacs, , , , Fantasy and all other types as well.


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