Chucky Contest Reminder

Just a quick reminder that you have up until midnight tonight (November 2nd) to enter to win a creepy Chucky doll from Child's Play worth a cool 50 bucks.

If you're a regular reader and you want a shot at it you have to sign up for the Screen Rant newsletter because I'll be randomly pulling an email address from that list. So even if you read the site every day or subscribe via an RSS newsreader, if you're not in the newsletter list I won't know about you!

And BTW... and this is IMPORTANT: You need to be a VERIFIED subscriber to be entered. For your protection we use what's called a double opt-in signup method, which means when you sign up you'll receive a confirmation email.

If you don't reply to that confirmation email you're NOT subscribed to the newsletter or entered in the contest. I only mention it because I've seen quite a few unverified signups in there, and they won't count unless you reply and confirm that it was really you that signed up.

Click here are the contest details and the entry form.

Thanks, and good luck!!!

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