Chuck vs. The House M.D.

With Chuck getting the go-ahead/green light from NBC to air at an earlier date than originally planned,  it's looking like the show might be considered a threat to other networks.

Fox has decided to air what they're calling an original episode of House M.D. a full two weeks earlier than anticipated.  To be more specific, Fox will be airing House M.D. at the same time that Chuck's first episode (not premiere) is slated to air.

Chuck's premiere is on Sunday January 10th, and then the season kicks in on its regular time slot on Monday.

It seems like Fox is either super insecure about some threat that Chuck represents or just plain old knows that House M.D. is going to trounce it in the ratings.

That kind of sucks for Chuck and its fans.  We've been struggling with the show getting traction in the eyes of the net execs and then suddenly it had a chance.  Now this?

Eh, I love House M.D. so I'm not hurting.  But this may seem like yet one more challenge to the Chuck!

Source:  TV Week

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