'Chuck' Producer Venturing Into Sci-Fi Western

So it worked once and it developed a devoted following, despite how Fox treated it, so it looks like Fox is trying it again.

Scott Rosenbaum (Producer: Chuck, The Shield) is stepping outside the boundaries he's made for himself with NBC's Chuck and is taking a stab at a yet-to-be-named western with a science fiction twist.

Rosenbaum will be producing the show with Warner Bros. TV and Wonderland Sound and Vision studios (McG's company), the latter of which has a fairly decent list of shows to their credits.  That's if you count Chuck, Human Target and Supernatural as decent shows. They also produce The OC, but I couldn't put that in the same sentence with the phrase "decent shows." Just ain't our cup of tea here at Screen Rant.

I said sadly, because as much as I am loyal to the memory of Joss Whedon's Firefly (a great sci-fi/western TV show), I am going to be giving Rosenbaum's show a look-see once it gets going.

At the moment, we have no other details on the show.  I hope they best tread very carefully on ground already trodden, because you know for a fact that the fan base of Joss Whedon and other editorial entertainment writers will be comparing it to Firefly.  Not that Firefly has the sole market on sci-fi westerns, but it's the most popular template for comparison.

Source:  Geeks of Doom

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