• Where Are They Now? The Cast Of Chuck
    Brandon Routh in Chuck and Arrow
    Chuck Cast

    With its unique blend of spy action, family drama, and comedy, Chuck has become one of the most beloved shows in recent history. Fans quickly fell in love with the story of Chuck Bartowski, a normal guy who gets a ton of top-secret intelligence (known as the Intersect) downloaded into his brain, and finds himself thrust into the world of espionage.

    The series struggled in the ratings for most of its run, but what Chuck fans lacked in numbers, they more than made up for in passion. Every time the show was in danger of cancellation, fans rallied, petitioning NBC and the show's sponsors (most famously, Subway), pushing them to continue.

    Driven by that support, the series ultimately ran for five seasons and 91 episodes, finishing in 2012. Fans still hope for a movie to continue the story, and it's not out of the question, but in the meantime, the cast has been keeping busy.

    Here is Where Are They Now? The Cast Of Chuck.

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    Zachary Levi - Chuck Bartowski
    Zachary Levi in Chuck and Heroes Reborn

    Zachary Levi brought plenty of charm to the leading role of Chuck Bartowski, an everyman with surprising inner strength and courage. Whether Chuck is working his average shift at the Buy More, on a high-stakes mission, or trying desperately to woo the beautiful Sarah Walker, Levi makes him likable and relatable.

    Levi has used his experience on Chuck to gain a number of acting opportunities in the years since. In 2013, he appeared in Thor: The Dark World, replacing Josh Dallas in the role of dashing warrior Fandral. More recently, Levi had a leading role in the lone season of Heroes Reborn.

    Like his character of Chuck Bartowski, Levi is a self-styled geek, and proud of it. With that in mind, he founded Nerd HQ, a geek lifestyle website.

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    Joshua Gomez - Morgan Grimes
    Joshua Gomez in Chuck and The Crazy Ones

    Joshua Gomez was perfectly cast as Chuck's lifelong best friend Morgan Grimes. Every bit the geek that Chuck is, Morgan remains ignorant of his best friend's new life until the third season of the show. Finally learning Chuck's secret, Morgan becomes a supporting member of the spy team, and even gets an Intersect of his own for a short time, where fans are finally able to see him jump into the action.

    Since Chuck wrapped up, Gomez has chosen his acting projects sparingly. He co-wrote and co-produced a pair of short films in 2012: Buds, in which he starred alongside his older brother Rick Gomez, and The Money Shot. His film work has included 2013's Force of Execution and 2015's The Week, while he has also appeared on television in episodes of Castle and The Crazy Ones.

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    Adam Baldwin - John Casey
    Adam Baldwin in Chuck and The Last Ship

    Adam Baldwin was seen as an icon to fans long before Chuck due to his role as the acerbic space pirate Jayne Cobb in Joss Whedon's Firefly series. As the gruff John Casey, a career soldier, he initially plays a bit of an antagonistic role towards the unproven Chuck, but over the course of the series he comes to respect and even care for the upstart spy.

    Baldwin has continued to be one of the busiest actors in the business since Chuck went off the air. He's had recurring roles on Castle, Leverage, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, as well as the main role of Commander Mike Slattery on the post-apocalyptic series The Last Ship. He has also done a lot of voice work in both animation and video games, including the Green Lantern in Injustice: Gods Among Us.

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    Sarah Lancaster - Ellie Bartowski
    Sarah Lancaster in Chuck and Witches of East End

    Sarah Lancaster brought warmth and compassion to her role as Ellie Bartowski, Chuck's loving sister. The siblings share a special bond throughout the series, even though Ellie remains in the dark about Chuck's spy life for a long time. Most of her time on the show is spent dealing with her fiancé Dr. Devon Woodcomb (aka Captain Awesome) and keeping the amorous Morgan at arms length.

    After Chuck, Lancaster continued working in both film and television. On the small screen she had a recurring role on Witches of East End, and guest-starred on an episode of Revenge. She has also appeared in a number of TV movies, including 2014's Love Finds You In Sugar Creek and 2015's Tis The Season For Love. On the big screen, she had a supporting role in Robert Downey Jr's 2014 drama, The Judge.

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    Ryan McPartlin - Dr. Devon Woodcomb (Captain Awesome)
    Ryan McPartlin in Chuck and The Right Kind of Wrong

    On Chuck, Ryan McPartlin had the "awesome" responsibility of playing Dr. Devon Woodcomb, Chuck Bartowski's brother-in-law. In a great long-running gag, everyone just calls Devon "Captain Awesome" because he is, simply, awesome at pretty much everything. He is also, surprisingly, the first member of Chuck's family to learn his secret and become involved in the spy game.

    McPartlin has amassed no small amount of credits since Chuck came to an end. He had a recurring role on CSI: Miami and another on Hart of Dixie with Chuck guest-star Rachel Bilson, as well as a regular role on Sequestered, a courtroom drama (with another Chuck guest-star, Summer Glau). He played in a TV movie, The Flight Before Christmas, with Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik.

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    Mark Christopher Lawrence - Big Mike
    Mark Christopher Lawrence in Chuck and The Clean

    Mark Christopher Lawrence brought jovial life to Big Mike, the tough but fair and eminently lovable Buy More boss. He is known for treating his staff like a family, offering them guidance and wisdom-- especially Morgan, after Big Mike started dating his mother.

    Lawrence is a noted actor as well as a comedian, and he has kept plenty busy in the years since Chuck wrapped up. He has guest-starred on a number of TV shows, including Glee, Franklin & Bash, Clean, and Pitch. He has also appeared in a number of comedy series, including Chain Comedy Hour and The Chuckie Perez Show, as well as family shows like Kirby Buckets, Good Luck Charlie, and Lab Rats.

    His recent film work includes Cooties with Elijah Wood and Conflict of Interest.

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    Vik Sahay - Lester Patel
    Vik Sahay in Chuck and X-Files

    The scheming Lester Patel always manages to keep his fellow Buy More employees on their toes. With his best friend Jeff Barnes, he forms the legendary (at least in their minds) band called Jeffster, which is best known for launching into cover songs like "Mr. Roboto", "Take On Me", and "Fortunate Son" at the most inopportune times.

    Lester is eventually revealed to be a transplanted Canadian, a trait he shares with the actor who portrays him, Vik Sahay. Since Chuck, Sahay has appeared as a guest-star on a number of popular TV shows, including Bones, The Mentalist, and NCIS. He has also appeared in genre shows such as Grimm, Lucifer, and the recent revival of The X-Files.

    His most notable big screen role was as Stifler's arrogant boss Mr. Duraiswamy in the fourth film in the American Pie franchise, American Reunion.

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    Scott Krinsky - Jeff Barnes
    Scott Krinsky in Chuck and Jobs

    As a Buy More lifer, Jeff Barnes exists in a constant state of inebriation. His mind is usually clouded by some form of illicit substance, though he is surprisingly clever and astute in the rare moments when he is completely sober. Along with Lester, Jeff often blunders his way into or around Chuck's spy capers, while remaining completely oblivious to what's really going on. The pair are finally clued in to the truth late in the series, however.

    Scott Krinsky, who portrays Jeff, has appeared in a variety of movies, including Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and Jobs (the lesser known Steve Jobs biopic), as well as the short films No Extras and Godsdotcom. Since Chuck, his TV credits have included A Cannibal's Handshake, History of the World... For Now, and Togetherness.

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    Bonita Friedericy - General Beckman
    Bonita Friedericy in Chuck and Preacher

    When the series begins, General Beckman is as stern a military woman as you are ever likely to meet. Her primary interest is protecting the Intersect, or destroying it (and its lovable host) if necessary. But, like everyone who comes into contact with Chuck Bartowski, she softens up considerably over the course of the show.

    As a popular character actor, Bonita Friedericy is a performer who you can spot in a number of wide-ranging productions-- from her cameo as a panicked woman in Medusa's lair in Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief to the voice of Resistance leader Caroline Becker in the popular video game Wolfenstein: The New Order. On television, she's had recurring roles on Preacher, Impastor, American Crime Story, and How To Get Away With Murder.

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    Julia Ling - Anna Wu
    Julia Ling in Chuck and Command &Conquer

    In Chuck's early seasons, Anna Wu was the Buy More's resident beauty. Most of the store's male staff pursued her, but it was Morgan who ultimately won her heart (for a while, at least). The actor behind Anna, Julia Ling, is an accomplished martial artist, and has had the opportunity to put those skills to use on Chuck in a few scenes where Anna got into the heat of the action.

    Since leaving Chuck, Ling has had roles in films including Love Sick Diaries, Dynamite Swine, and Tell Me How I Die. She currently plays the titular role on the webseries Tactical Girl. As series of comedic shorts, the webseries follows Tactical Girl through her daily life, whether she is recommending movies, dealing with her boyfriend, hiking, or practicing archery.

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    Jordana Brewster - Jill Roberts
    Jordana Brewster in Chuck and Furious 7

    For Chuck, Jill Roberts was the one who got away. Jill was his beloved college girlfriend, before he was kicked out of school. They're able to rekindle their romance years later, but it's too good to be true, as Chuck soon learns that Jill has become a traitorous rogue agent.

    Long before Chuck, Jordana Brewster was best known for playing Mia Torretto in the Fast & Furious franchise, and she has since returned to the series for three more films (not including this year's The Fate of the Furious). She also appeared on the revival of the classic soap opera Dallas, which aired for three seasons. Last year, she appeared on the anthology series Secrets and Lies and played Denise Brown in The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Story Crime.

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    Brandon Routh - Daniel Shaw
    Brandon Routh in Chuck and Arrow

    Brandon Routh is known for playing really nice, wholesome characters. He even portrayed Superman in Superman Returns. This why it was so tantalizing when he was cast as the duplicitous Daniel Shaw in Chuck. As a top agent assigned to the team in the third season, Shaw was a friend and mentor to Chuck, until he learned that Sarah had killed his wife on her first mission as a spy. That knowledge turned him to the dark side, and he became a lethal adversary to Chuck and friends for the rest of the series.

    Though he didn't get the chance to return to the role of Superman, Routh's career has continued to flourish. In his biggest post-Chuck role, he returned to the world of DC Comics, this time as Ray Palmer, aka The Atom. He debuted as the character on Arrow before joining the spinoff DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

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    Mekenna Melvin - Alex McHugh
    Mekenna Melvin in Chuck and Once Upon a Time

    As the series progressed, viewers learned more about John Casey's shadowy past, which revealed that he wasn't as emotionally hardened and uncompromising as he originally seemed to be. The biggest surprise was that he had faked his death years earlier, leaving behind a pregnant fiancé. Mekenna Melvin was cast to play the role of Casey's grown up daughter Alex, who gradually develops a relationship with her long lost father (and, more surprisingly, a romance with Morgan).

    A versatile performer, Melvin has continued to find steady work in television since her time on Chuck. Her TV credits include episodes of Castle, Vegas, and Grey's Anatomy, as well as the part of Cinderella's mean sister Clorinda on Once Upon A Time.

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    Matt Bomer - Bryce Larkin
    Matt Bomer in Chuck and White Collar

    Bryce Larkin and Chuck Bartowski's relationship was complicated, to put it mildly. They were best friends in university, but unbeknownst to Chuck, Bryce had already been recruited into the world of espionage. Chuck was next in line for recruitment, but Bryce was determined to save his friend from that fate, so he framed him for cheating, got him kicked out of school, and destroyed their friendship-- all to save Chuck's life.

    The experience of portraying a character with such complex motivations served Matt Bomer well in his next big role as reformed thief Neil Caffrey on White Collar. After that, he had a regular role on American Horror Story: Hotel.

    On the big screen, he's best known for playing Ken in the Magic Mike franchise, and had a small role in last year's The Magnificent Seven. He's set to star in Amazon's adaptation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel The Last Tycoon this year.

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    Yvonne Strahovski - Sarah Walker
    Yvonne Strahovski in Chuck and 24

    When Sarah Walker appears at Buy More, Chuck Bartowski's life changes forever. At first, Chuck is just another mission for the beautiful secret agent, as she is tasked with determining what intelligence Bryce Larkin sent to his old friend.

    When it becomes clear that Chuck's brain contains the invaluable Intersect, Sarah (and Casey) are assigned to protect him at all costs. Sarah maintains a cover as Chuck's new girlfriend, but it isn't long before the pair develop genuine feelings for each other.

    After Chuck wrapped, Yvonne Strahovski landed a key role on Dexter as Hannah McKay, a new love interest for the titular killer. She also had a role in the video game Mass Effect 2, where she provided voice work and was used as the base for genetically engineered Miranda Lawson. From there Strahovski returned to her spy roots with a starring role in 24: Live Another Day alongside Kiefer Sutherland. She currently has a featured role on The Handmaid's Tale.


    Who is your favorite Chuck alumni? Let us know in the comments!

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