With its unique blend of spy action, family drama, and comedy, Chuck has become one of the most beloved shows in recent history. Fans quickly fell in love with the story of Chuck Bartowski, a normal guy who gets a ton of top-secret intelligence (known as the Intersect) downloaded into his brain, and finds himself thrust into the world of espionage.

The series struggled in the ratings for most of its run, but what Chuck fans lacked in numbers, they more than made up for in passion. Every time the show was in danger of cancellation, fans rallied, petitioning NBC and the show’s sponsors (most famously, Subway), pushing them to continue.

Driven by that support, the series ultimately ran for five seasons and 91 episodes, finishing in 2012. Fans still hope for a movie to continue the story, and it’s not out of the question, but in the meantime, the cast has been keeping busy.

Here is Where Are They Now? The Cast Of Chuck.

15. Zachary Levi – Chuck Bartowski

Zachary Levi in Chuck and Heroes Reborn Where Are They Now? The Cast Of Chuck

Zachary Levi brought plenty of charm to the leading role of Chuck Bartowski, an everyman with surprising inner strength and courage. Whether Chuck is working his average shift at the Buy More, on a high-stakes mission, or trying desperately to woo the beautiful Sarah Walker, Levi makes him likable and relatable.

Levi has used his experience on Chuck to gain a number of acting opportunities in the years since. In 2013, he appeared in Thor: The Dark World, replacing Josh Dallas in the role of dashing warrior Fandral. More recently, Levi had a leading role in the lone season of Heroes Reborn.

Like his character of Chuck Bartowski, Levi is a self-styled geek, and proud of it. With that in mind, he founded Nerd HQ, a geek lifestyle website.

14. Joshua Gomez – Morgan Grimes

Joshua Gomez in Chuck and The Crazy Ones Where Are They Now? The Cast Of Chuck

Joshua Gomez was perfectly cast as Chuck’s lifelong best friend Morgan Grimes. Every bit the geek that Chuck is, Morgan remains ignorant of his best friend’s new life until the third season of the show. Finally learning Chuck’s secret, Morgan becomes a supporting member of the spy team, and even gets an Intersect of his own for a short time, where fans are finally able to see him jump into the action.

Since Chuck wrapped up, Gomez has chosen his acting projects sparingly. He co-wrote and co-produced a pair of short films in 2012: Buds, in which he starred alongside his older brother Rick Gomez, and The Money Shot. His film work has included 2013’s Force of Execution and 2015’s The Week, while he has also appeared on television in episodes of Castle and The Crazy Ones.