'Chronicle' Trailers, Clips & Viral Video: Telekinetic Pranks & Flying People

Chronicle movie (2012) trailer clips nyc flying people viral video

[UPDATE: We've added the final Chronicle trailer below.]

The found-footage film Chronicle has largely flown under the radar, as far as awareness amongst casual moviegoers is concerned - but that awareness has been growing exponentially in the last few weeks, thanks to a successful PR campaign of trailers and TV spots, which have caught the interest of millions.

For those still unaware: Chronicle tells the story of three teenagers who happen upon a strange discovery that leaves them endowed with telekinetic abilities. However, like most teenagers, the boys don't have the maturity or stability to manage their newfound powers, and things quickly spiral out of control as the bonds of their friendship begin to crack, and the powers become a threat that none of them is prepared for.

Today we have an entire Chronicle preparedness kit put together, to help those only now hearing about the film get a better look at what it's about, and whether it's something they'd be interested in seeing. The movie stars Michael B. Jordan (The Wire) and Alex Russell (Almost Kings) as "Steve" and "Matt," with Dane DeHaan (In Treatment) playing "Andrew," the more shy and feeble member of the trio who (surprise, surprise) turns out to be the most powerful and dangerous mind of all (a la Tetsuo in Akira).

Check out the original trailer, some clips and the just added final trailer from Chronicle, which show the boys pulling some telekinetic pranks on an unaware populace, as well as exploring the application of their abilities:


And here is the final trailer for the film

Chronicle Viral Marketing Shocks New York City

In a very bold and clever attempt to gain notice for Chronicel, 20the Century Fox reached out to viral marketing firm Thinkmodo, which put together a viral marketing stunt involving dressing specialized model airplanes to look like people. These planes were then launched over the Hudson River for three brief flights, controlled by AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) members.

Video of the stunt (recorded by the Thinkmodo) has now gone viral, with millions of people tuning in to find out just what the heck those "flying people" were all about. Check out the impressive viral stunt in the video below:

Thinkmodo (which also staged the headline-grabbing Times Square video monitor "hack" to promote Limitless last year) is on a definite roll, and Chronicle is a film that we will be definitely be checking out here at Screen Rant. Check back on Friday for our official review of the film.

Chronicle will be in theaters on February 3, 2012.

Source: 20th Century Fox & Yahoo

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