• Chronicle director Josh Trank reveals he banned writer Max Landis from the set. 1 / 8

    Chronicle Movie Set Josh Trank Vertical
  • In an exposé by The Daily Beast, Landis is accused of sexual and/or emotional abuse. 2 / 8

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  • In a tweet, Trank voiced his support for the women who came forward... 3 / 8

    Max Landis Josh Trank Vertical
  • And revealed he banned Landis from the film's set and cut ties with the writer in 2012. 4 / 8

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  • The Daily Beast's Senior Entertainment Editor revealed Trank declined to comment on their story. 5 / 8

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  • What exactly happened between Trank and Landis is unclear... 6 / 8

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  • But it prompted the Chronicle director to sever all ties with Landis. 7 / 8

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