Chronicle is quite the unique movie specimen, which is something that becomes all the more obvious when you examine the film’s individual components. That includes a Carrie-like exploration of teen angst, references to superhero and comic book pop culture, and a found-footage angle that offers built-in commentary about the generation raised on social media/digital-age tech. For those reasons, a sequel feels like an iffy proposition – from a creative perspective, anyway.

Director Josh Trank once admitted that he was nervous about the idea of making a Chronicle 2, so it didn’t come as a huge surprise when he took a pass (to make the Fantastic Four reboot instead). Early buzz is that development on the sequel hasn’t been a walk in the park either, judging by semi-contradictory claims made by screenwriter Max Landis – who also penned the first movie – and his father, filmmaker Jon Landis, about how receptive (or not) Fox heads are to the current script draft.

We now have an update on the situation, thanks to Max Landis (via Twitter):

Landis later added that he’s been off Chronicle 2 for a few months now, adding that Fox “had a different direction they wanted to take the series.” Ironically, that gels more with the screenwriter’s father’s previous claim – that Fox executives want a sequel in the vein of the original film, not “the evolution” featured in his son’s script – which the younger Landis later denied, when he said that one of the bigger issues was the “really dark” nature of his Chronicle 2 screenplay. To be fair, it’s not clear yet if Fox wants Chronicle 2 to bear a close resemblance to the structure and format of its predecessor, or has something else in mind (though, we’d be willing to bet on the former being the case).

Chronicle movie 2012 trailer clips  Chronicle 2: Max Landis Off as Writer; Fox Planning a Different Direction

That dilemma is not easy to resolve either, as was discussed by the Screen Rant Underground Podcast crew last year: do you continue to move the series forward with installments that directly attempt to recreate the horror/beauty of the original film (albeit, with a similar story/characters), spinoff the narrative by picking up the dangling plot threads from the first Chronicle – or, just leave it as is, a one-shot perfect storm of artistic collaboration (resulting in a special gem of a film)?

Well, Chronicle grossed $126 million worldwide on a $12 million budget, so there is no reason to doubt that Fox will make a strong push to make the sequel become a reality. Case in point: Max Landis said on Twitter that Fox has already hired new writers for Chronicle 2, and it shouldn’t be long before an official announcement in made (re: who’s developing the sequel’s script now).

What Chronicle 2 approach sounds like the best option to you? Has your interest waned in the sequel, now that neither the original film’s director nor screenwriter is involved?

We expect to have new information to provide about Chronicle 2 in the foreseeable future (including, who the new writers are), so keep your eyes peeled for another update sooner, rather than later.

Source: Max Landis

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