Christopher Robin: Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore & More Possibly Cast

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Disney's live-action Christopher Robin movie has reportedly cast its Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore voice actors, among other roles. The film, for those unfamiliar, is a Winnie the Pooh sequel in the vein of Steven Spielberg's Peter Pan followup Hook, in the sense that it revolves around a version of Christopher Robin who has grown-up and is now an adult portrayed by Ewan McGregor. Christopher Robin is thus unrelated to this fall's release Goodbye Christopher Robin, a biopic about Winnie the Pooh creator A.A. Mile's relationship with his son, aka. the real-life Christopher Robin.

The Christopher Robin script, as was written by Allison Schroeder (Hidden Figures), picks up with its namesake at a difficult time in his life - where he has become something of a workaholic, alienated from his family and no longer able to appreciate the simple joys in life, like he was able to when he was younger. Cue Winnie the Pooh to the rescue, as he and several of Christopher Robin's other old friends from the Hundred Acre Wood set out to London, in order to be reunited with Mr. Robin and help him rekindle his imagination and spark for life.

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According to That Hashtag Show, Jim Cummings - who has been the main voice actor for Winnie the Pooh in animated form for over thirty years - is voicing the character yet again in Christopher Robin. Reportedly set to join Cummings as the "Bear of Very Little Brain" is Brad Garrett as Eeyore, while Alan Tudyk is said to be interested in voicing Tigger. The character of Piglet is slated to appear in the film and will be computer-animated like his Hundred Acre peers. However, that role has yet to be filled.

Cummings, who has voiced both Winnie the Pooh and Tigger in the past, has been one of Disney Animation's most prolific voice actors for more than thirty years now. Similar to how James Earl Jones is reprising his role as the voice of Mufasa for Disney's upcoming CGI-driven The Lion King retelling, Cummings' Winnie the Pooh voice is so iconic at this stage that, arguably, bringing him back to play the role yet again in Christopher Robin makes more sense than doing anything else.

Garrett and Tudyk are no strangers to the House of Mouse either, despite having never voiced either Eeyore or Tigger in the past. While Garrett has been lending his voice to Disney animated TV shows and movies since the 1990s (and briefly reprised his Finding Nemo voice role as Bloat during last year's Finding Dory), Tudyk has lent his voice to the last several Disney Animation film releases and may do so again on a pair of upcoming sequels; namely, Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 and Frozen 2. Given the dynamic range that Tudyk in particular has displayed in his recent voice work, the prospect of him bringing Tigger to life sounds all the more promising.

Last, but not least, That Hashtag Show is reporting that two more human roles in Christopher Robin have been or will soon be filled. In addition to McGregor and Hayley Atwell (who is playing Christopher Robin's wife), Mark Gatiss - of Sherlock, Doctor Who and Game of Thrones fame - is being considered to play Christopher Robin's over-demanding boss, Keith. Meanwhile, Bronte Carmichael (Three Girls) is up for the role of Robin's daughter, who decides to move away with her mother to attend a special academy after growing disillusioned with her father prioritizing work over his family.

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Christopher Robin currently doesn't have an official release date, but is being directed by Marc Forster (Finding Neverland, World War Z) and is tentatively expected to hit theaters in 2019.

Source: That Hashtag Show

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