Christopher Nolan's New Movie Reportedly Involves The Time Continuum

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Christopher Nolan’s new movie reportedly involves the time continuum. Having presided over the Dark Knight trilogy for the better part of a decade, Nolan has endeared himself to sci-fi/comic book fans in a way that few other filmmakers have managed to do, while also proving himself as a successful multi-genre filmmaker.

Throughout his blockbuster-delivering career, Nolan’s success has reached beyond the likes of Batman, however, allowing the British filmmaker to work with some of the biggest names in film. As a matter of fact, it was the success of 2010’s Inception that proved he could still dominate box offices without relying on adapted material, by creating a film that takes viewers on a truly mind-bending journey through the subconscious and beyond. Ever since the phenomenal success of Inception, Nolan continues to move in a variety of directions, continuing to explore sci-fiction with 2014’s Interstellar and trying his hand at a World War II film with 2017’s Oscar-winning Dunkirk.

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With anticipation growing over his next film’s arrival in 2020, fans have been clamoring for any kind of news whatsoever about what some rumors described as a “romantic thriller,” before being debunked. The latest piece of the puzzle arrives courtesy of THR, who have revealed that Nolan’s upcoming as-of-yet untitled film will be an adventure spanning the globe that involves the time continuum, while also sharing some similarities with Inception.

Christopher Nolan and Harry Styles on Dunkirk set

Time and its manipulation seem to be ongoing themes in Nolan’s work, even from the days of his earliest releases. Previous details on the director’s newest film have suggested that the tone is a mixture of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic North By Northwest - in which a man wrongly accused of a murder goes on the lam, accompanied by a mysterious woman – and his own Inception. Though the Hitchcock comparison has not been confirmed, it’s an exciting concept to consider; and if the inclusion of the time continuum means that time travel will play a substantial role, fans will surely be delighted to watch Nolan’s creative, cerebral take on the subject matter. In addition to further insight into the upcoming film’s plot, Nolan has also hired a new editor in Jennifer Lame, as his long-term go to editor Lee Smith is unavailable. Lame has worked extensively with filmmaker Noah Baumbach over the years.

If time travel plays a sizable role in Nolan’s next film, it’s difficult to imagine exactly how that might look. This is one of the great things about Nolan as a director - he may at times be guilty of overstuffing his concepts, but he does so frequently offer unique insights into the unknown. As a filmmaker, he clearly idolizes the works of past visionaries such as Hitchcock and David Lean; and while at times he might try too hard to match their prowess, Nolan’s ambition often succeeds at pushing the cinematic envelope. It’s for this reason why his films have now managed to become events rather than mere releases, perhaps explaining why, even with so little to go on, his next project is already such an exciting prospect.

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