Christopher Nolan's Next Film to Release Summer 2020

Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan is returning to theaters next summer with a new mystery movie getting an IMAX release in 2020. Nolan has become one of Hollywood's biggest directors over the years. Since breaking onto the scene in 2000 with his mystery thriller Memento, he's repeatedly helmed some of the biggest and most inventive films, and his reboot of Batman through his Dark Knight trilogy is viewed by many as some of the best comic book movies of all time.

Of course, Nolan's ability is far greater than just one genre of film. He's made sci-fi hits like Inception and Interstellar, more thrillers in Insomnia and The Prestige, and most recently ventured into war with Dunkirk. The latter finally gave the acclaimed director his first Oscar nomination for Best Director and received eight nominations over all. His visceral, nonlinear survival film won three Academy Awards, but Nolan still could not come out on top with a Best Director win.

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What he would work on as his followup to Dunkirk has remained one of the biggest Hollywood mysteries, and it appears we're about to learn more in the near future. THR reports that Warner Bros. has given Nolan's mysterious next project a July 17, 2020 release date. What's more is that the film will be released in IMAX. There are no plot details or cast members at this time, which is par for the course with Nolan's immense secrecy.

Christopher Nolan and Harry Styles on Dunkirk set

The July release date is not terribly surprising for the next Nolan film, especially when Warner Bros. is already describing it as an "Event Film." Nolan and Warner Bros. have made a habit of releasing their collaborations with prime July release dates, resulting in great box office runs; Dunkirk made over $500 million worldwide, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises each made over $ 1 billion, and Inception earned over $828M. Even his rare end-of-year release Interstellar hit $677M after its November 2014 launch. The movie is currently set to open against animated films The Spongebob Movie and Bob's Burgers.

Although there is not anything to go on in terms of what Nolan's next film will be, it should not stop this announcement from generating plenty of excitement. He is one of the top directors in Hollywood for a reason and just knowing that another film from his mind is on the way is enough for right now. With the summer 2020 release date and knowledge of the project now public, it may not be too long before additional details are revealed. Since production will begin sometime this year (possibly in the summer), casting decisions and information on the story could come shortly.

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Source: THR

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